MC Hammer Holds Record for One of the Most Expensive Music Videos

Maybe that’s why MC Hammer notoriously went broke.

According to, MC Hammer is the fifth biggest spender, ever, on music videos. In 1991, he spent $6,548,136 for two videos, a big mistake for someone who would turn out to have a very brief career.

“At a 2018 cost of upwards of $4.2 million, it is the eighth most expensive music video ever made, it contains cameos from Danny Glover, Tony Danza, Jose Canseco and a [tortuously] long intro featuring James Brown playing a game of ‘how many James Brown songs can we shoehorn into this dialogue?'” the article said.

MC Hammer’s music video expenses are only beaten by the legends such as Madonna and Michael Jackson, two performers successful enough to drop such cash on their art.

Who could expect any less than exorbitance from the “U Can’t Touch This Singer,” though.

He built a $30 million mansion before he even waited to see if his career had staying power- rookie moves if we’ve ever seen them.