Mark McNairy camo baseball jacket perfect for hiding in the crowd on Opening Day

Opening day of the 2014 baseball season is less than a week. Ballparks will be packed and every fan has a glimmer of hope. This year = our year.

By the end of May it’s obviously not every team’s year.

Ballpark attire is comfortable/functional but still sporty. Team tees with player names are for groupies. Team jackets for the guys who still do the box score with a #2 pencil. Regular guys who know sabermetrics but don’t pray to it at night need a look that says America’s pastime but not dressed like the average American.

Mark McNairy Camo Baseball Jacket

This varsity jacket with black lambskin sleeves is perfect for blending in with the crowd but slightly rising above it. It’s got navy/white stripe ribbed collar, cuffs, navy metal snap buttons, navy acetate lining. Two front pockets for wallet and souvenir ball for the nephew.