Magnum Tokyo Net Worth 2018: What is this wrestler worth?

Magnum Tokyo is a professional wrestler. Magnum Tokyo was born on January 9, 1973. This page will examine Magnum Tokyo’s total career net worth.

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Magnum Tokyo Career, Earnings

Magnum Tokyo’s nicknames have included “Mr. Viagra”, and “Mr. Egoist”. In the ring, Magnum Tokyo was trained by Último Dragón. Billed from Tokyo; Japan Magnum Tokyo has had a well known career in wrestling which debuted in May 11, 1997.

Some of the signature moves employed by Magnum Tokyo included the ROM – Rock On Missile (Front dropkick Missile dropkick to a kneeling opponent), Air Tokyo (Diving crossbody), Ryukon (Lariat), Zetsuen (Savate kick to a kneeling opponent), Dropkick, POS (Hammerlock Side slam), Full nelson suplex, Frankensteiner, with theatrics, Erect Smash (Straight jacket Swinging side slam), STPheromone (Crossface Cross-legged STF), 44 (Tornado DDT), Backflip kick, Plancha, and Destiny Elbow (Standing Corkscrew Somersault Elbow drop). In terms of music, Magnum Tokyo has entered the ring to “Tokyo Go” by John Robinson (January 1999–March 2004, 2009–present), and “Mr. Egoist” (July 2004–April 2007).

Magnum Tokyo Net Worth 2018

Wrestlers’ income differ depending on league, experience, and success. According to the league, the standard professional wrestler brings home about $500,000 a year. But some make well into the 7 figures. On the other hand, non-professional local wrestlers earn only $100+ per match.

Magnum Tokyo net worth

Magnum Tokyo net worth: wrestling salary distribution

So what is Magnum Tokyo’s net worth in 2018? Our estimate for Magnum Tokyo’s net worth in 2018 is: