Luc Robitaille and Stacia Robitaille Net Worth 2018: The Super Rich NHL Player and His Wife

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Today, Stacia Robitaille made a shocking allegation against President Donald Trump. The wife of NHL player Luc Robitaille is saying that the President had an "aggressive" encounter with Trump in an elevator several years ago.

Today So what is Luc Robitaille net worth in 2018? What are Luc Robitaille's salary/earnings? Read on...

Luc Robitaille Career, Earnings, Salary

Luc Robitaille was a pro hockey player and he also was an executive who worked in the NHL. He still remains involved with the NHL as president of the LA Kings.

He started playing hockey professionally in 1984, when he was drafted pretty late in the draft. He was paying junior hockey for several years before joining the pro team. He also played for the Olympic team.

Eventually he made the pro team and had a reasonable good record. But that record got better over the years and he set league records in several categories by the end of his time with the Kings.

He then went to the NY Rangers and Detroit Red Wings and played for a short time, before returning to the Kings. His last season with the kings was 2003-2004.

Over his entire time playing, he had made the All Star team 8 times, he had hundreds of goals, and several records.

After that, he became an executive in the NHL and continued in different roles with the kings, from President of Business Opps to the President of teh organization.

Luc Robitaille, Stacia Robitaille Net Worth 2018: How Much Money Do Luc Robitaille and Stacia Robitaille Have?

Luc Robitaille earned a significant amount over the several years in which he played hockey for the Kings, but much of his net worth comes from his work as an executive.

Executives of major teams can easily make $1 million or more a year.

In all, we estimate Luc Robitaille net worth in 2018 at $10 million.