Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Net Worth: You Won’t Believe How Much He Left His Heirs

Linkin Park hasn’t showed any signs of stopping over the years. Maybe a break here and there but definitely never stopping. We decided to take a look at the lead singer Chester Bennington Net Worth, to see just how lucrative his time with the band has been.

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Chester Bennington of Linkin Park has passed away at the age of 41. Bennington was the lead of Linkin Park, as well as other bands, and he has been an actor and songwriter.

So how much was Chester Bennington net worth at the time of his death in 2018?

Chester Bennington: Career Earnings

Chester Bennington got started in music in the early 90s. During that time, he had a garage band with his friends, and he released one free track tape in 1993.

He quickly moved on informed other bands, and release several albums under different names and with different collaborators. It wasn’t until the 2000’s that he built the famous band Linkin Park, along with a music executive. The executive assembled the band with other musicians he knew, and Bennington quit his day job to focus purely on music.

Linkin Park quickly became an international hit. They signed with Warner Bros. records and were quickly topping the charts around the world. After their first album, Hybrid Theory, they released multiple other albums until the 2010’s when Bennington moved on to join the Stone Temple Pilots.

Much of Bennington’s earnings came from his royalties as the head of Linkin Park, as well as touring for the band. He did several international tours.

But Bennington has also earned money as a music producer to small indie bands, and he has worked as an actor, in films such as Crank.

At the time of his death, we estimate Chester Bennington net worth at around $27 million.

Bennington has been in a number of bands, however, his most lucrative bands are Linkin Park of course and Dead By Sunrise. His versatile singing talent finds him blurring the lines between rock, metal and even a little pop.

He is a co-lead singer in Linkin Park as his friend and bandmate Mike Shinoda also shares the role. While Shinoda mostly shows off his hip-hop/rapping ability but does happen to have the ability to kill it vocally.

Bennington has become one of the most popular voices in a newer age of rock that sprung up in the late 90s/early 2000s. Bennington and his band members don’t seem to live flashy lifestyles and they do spend a ton of time on the road.

There doesn’t seem to be much time to squander his earnings, which means that he has to have a pretty hefty net worth generated over the years.

The band is also one of the most successful rock acts of the new generation making it clear that they are here to stay. After taking a look at his assets and earnings, we estimate that the Chester Bennington Net Worth is approximately $27 million.