• Lindsay Lohan Is Broke: Here’s How

    Lindsay Lohan has unfortunately earned herself more of a reputation as being a troubled girl as opposed to being a successful actress.

    Lindsay Lohan Is Broke: Here’s How

    Though her early career showed much promise and she is now trying to get back on her feet after years of legal troubles and rehab stints, she still hasn’t quite redeemed herself in the eyes of the public quite yet. She has been reported to be “broke” many times over recent years, and though she she’s certainly not destitute, she only carries a reported net worth of $500,000 despite being such a well-known name with several huge starring roles like Mean Girls and the Parent Trap. While we may never be able to correctly guess her running bar tab, The Squander takes a look at some of her most costly mistakes.

    Lost Endorsement Deals, $500,000

    After being sentenced to a 90 day stay in rehab, clothing and lifestyle brand Odiangerous dropped Lohan from her $500,000 deal with them almost instantly. Odiangerous lucked out in the end, generating press for itself simply for dropping the starlet, but losing out on a gig that is now as much as her entire worth definitely hurt the already troubled star.

    Lost Movie Roles, $1,000,000+/ Intangible

    One of the biggest rumors to circulate about Lohan is her seemingly inability to show up for anything on time- guest appearances, movie roles, court. You name the commitment and she probably made headlines for being late to it. We can see the pissed off director now, shaking his fists and telling his late star that she would never work in this business again!… Because that’s essentially what happened. The list of roles Lohan has lost is almost larger than the roles Lohan has performed. She lost roles or was cut from: “The Edge of Love,” “The Hangover,” “Poor Things,” “The Other Side,” “Inferno” and “Ugly Betty.” Never mind the roles she was not even considered for, which reportedly include “Magic Mike” and “Mamma Mia.” Assuming that even at minimum these roles each had a decent payout, she probably lost out on upwards of a half of a million dollars. But truly, her loss is intangible, because who knows what kind of fame she could have achieved by having more wherewithal.

    Tax Bills and IRS Troubles, $233,000

    Everyone who was in denial about Lohan’s out of control behavior had to take a seat and shut up after another one of Hollywood’s biggest train wrecks, Charlie Sheen, became Lohan’s helping hand. In 2012, Sheen helped Lohan pay off over $100,000 In back taxes. After the IRS straight up seized her bank account looking for the $233,904 it was owed. The actor claimed he gave Lohan the money because he found out she had been shorted on a project and felt she was owed it. Weeks after the kind gesture, Sheen made a comment that implied he was still waiting for Lohan to send him an acknowledgement or a thank you. Ouch.

    Legal Expenses, $1,000,000 +

    Aside from losing roles and therefore not generating income as well as racking up unpaid taxes, a major expense in Lindsay Lohan’s life is, of course, her legal fees. A girl doesn’t just get out of her 120 day jail sentence by only serving four hours of it without a good defense attorney, so chances are Lohan paid the maximum amount to keep herself out of the maximum amount of trouble with a top-notch and very expensive lawyer. Legal experts have done the math and estimated that Lohan’s time in and out of the court room have cost her upwards of a million dollars.

    Rehab Expenses, $200,000+

    Where there is a young troubled celebrity with legal fees, rehab expenses usually follow suit. To get an idea of how much money Lohan funneled into her varied stays in rehabilitation facilities, we take a look at the bill for her 90 day stay at the Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, N.Y. With one week at the high-end facility costing $4,025, she spent a total of $51,750 on her time there. Prior to that, she spent $30,000 for 30 days in Cirque Lodge, a popular rehab center for the famous in Utah. Her most expensive per month endeavor, however, was her 30-day stay at Wonderland, a nearly $60,000 a month facility infamous for being a resort-like facility for the famous. Luckily, her latest rehab stay at Cliffside Malibu, which was her sixth and hopefully final time in rehab, was courtesy of the treatment center. According to reports she was offered up to $150,000 of free treatment options.

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