• Kim Jong Un Net Worth 2018: Poor Dennis Rodman Meets Rich Leader

    Today, Dennis Rodman is flying to North Korea in order to meet the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. While Rodman is in deep bankruptcy due to settlements against him, Kim Jong Un is living the high life off of money brought in by the people of the North Korean state.

    Kim Jong Un Net Worth 2018: Poor Dennis Rodman Meets Rich Leader

    So how much is Kim Jong Un net worth in 2018?

    Kim Jong Un: Giant Spender

    Kim Jong Un became the head of North Korea in 2011, at an extremely young age. He succeeded his father Kim Jong Il, who died that year.

    Since then, Kim Jong Un has lived in pure luxury, spending an estimated $600 million per year. What is going spend that money on?

    According to reports by North Korean exiles published on MSN, Kim Jong Un spends $30 million every year on alcohol. He buys the most expensive brands of top shelf liquor, which has to be smuggled into North Korea due to international embargoes.

    He also spends millions of dollars a year on top-of-the-line food. For example, he loves Kobe beef from Japan which costs over hundred dollars a pound not including the cost of smuggling it into North Korea. He also loves top-of-the-line fruits, such as Japanese melons, which have sold for up to $30,000 each.

    For fun, Kim Jong Un has spent $35 million on his own ski resort, with 70 miles of slopes, as well as $8 million on a yacht, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on designer accessories for his wife. He is rumored to have a private 1000 seat theater in his home, and nearly $10 million worth of watches.

    Some of the other things that Kim Jong Un has purchased include multiple golf courses, which cost several million dollars each, multiple race horses, and his own private theme parks which are much like Disney World.

    And of course, Kim Jong Un likes basketball, and has spent millions on his own courts and brining in top players from around the world — including Dennis Rodman.

    But probably the biggest expenditure that Kim Jong Un has is his set of palaces and high-end cars. Kim Jong Un owns several of the most expensive and rare cars in the world, as well as a fleet of armored limousines which can cost over $1 million each. His 17 palaces cost an estimated $100 million, and include a private island.

    Compare all of this to the annual earnings of an average North Korean worker, which total to around $1000, and you understand how corrupt he is. A large percentage of the government budget goes to paying for Kim Jong Un’s life. The rest goes to the military.

    Kim Jong Un Net Worth 2018

    So how much is Kim Jong Un net worth? Given his 600 million-dollar year spending habit, he needs to have some significant income sources. Much of the money he has earned comes from state resources, as well as illegal trafficking of ivory from Africa, and alcohol smuggling.

    It is impossible to know exactly how much Kim Jong Un is worth, given the secrecy of North Korea. However, we can estimate his net worth based on statistics from the UN and spending reports. In 2018, we estimate Kim Jong Un net worth at around $7-10 billion.

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