Johnson and Johnson Heiress Jazz Johnson Merton Net Worth

Johnson and Johnson heiress Jazz Johnson Merton made news this week because she appears to have kicked her horse in the stomach during a jump competition.

So what is Johnson and Johnson heiress Jazz Johnson Merton net worth? Read on…

Jazz Johnson Merton Earnings, Family

Jazz Johnson Merton is a descendant of Robert Wood Johnson, the founder of Johnson and Johnson.

The horse incident was caught on film, and can be watched here:

Jazz Johnson Merton is a 36 year old whose biggest claim to fame, besides being an heiress, is being the writer of a book called The Social Climber’s Bible, which apparently tells you how to do these things:

The Art of Social Climbing at gallery openings, cocktail parties, and funerals
Social Climbing as a family
How to handle sex, dating, marriage, and love
Your social climbing IQ and how to improve it
How to spot a Big Fish, Whale, Turtle or Unicorn, and what they can do for you

According to the site for her book, Jazz Johnson Merton is a “a former debutante and graduate of Barnard College; she has been photographed for Vogue, and has created a line of her own jewelry. A distinguished horsewoman, Ms. Johnson has won in the Amateur Owner Hunter division at the top horse shows in the country. She currently manages her family estate, serves on the board of charitable foundations, is master of the Essex Fox Hounds, and has named her four dogs after alcoholic beverages. Jazz is an insider in that rarefied world fans of Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey dream about, and social climbers of all ages want to belong to.”

Jazz Johnson Merton Net Worth

So what is Jazz Johnson Merton net worth? The Johnson family, whose patriarch Robert Wood Johnson founded Johnson and Johnson is worth over $6 billion, according to Forbes.

That is only part of the Johnson estate, much of which went to Johnson’s charitable foundation and his mistress. The money flowed through Jazz Johnson Merton’s grandfather, John Seward Johnson, who left behind around $500 million.

Most of that went to his mistress, however, and only about $200 million ended up in the hands of Jazz Johnson Merton’s parents, according to a lawsuit filed by the family.

In the end, we estimate Jazz Johnson Merton net worth at about $25 million. A nice sum of money, but nowhere near what the family started with.