• House of Cards Cast Net Worth: With The Show Ending, What Will They Be Worth?

    Netflix announced today that the famous and top reviewed show House of Cards has been halted in order to handle the Kevin Spacey sexual harassment allegations. Although this is purported to be a temporary suspension, it’s likely that the show won’t be back. Already, yesterday, Netflix seemed to say that the show would be over after the current season.

    House of Cards Cast Net Worth: With The Show Ending, What Will They Be Worth?Image Credit: Netflix

    So what are the cast of House of Cards net worth? What will they be walking away from when the show ends?

    House of Cards Cast Net Worth: Beau Willimon

    Beau Willimon is the creator of House of Cards and was the showrunner for much of the early part of the show. Willimon is 40 and went to the Julliard, where he got started making award winning plays. He continued to write plays that got critical acclaim, and was soon having his plays adapted for the silver screen.

    Willimon created House of Cards in 2012 after he saw the show on the BBC. He has written three films, several TV shows, and a half dozen films.

    His net worth at the end of Houe of Cards is estimated at $15-30 million.

    House of Cards Cast Net Worth: Kevin Spacey

    Kevin Spacey of course plays Frank Underwood in House of Cards, but he has been in the business since the early 1980s. He also attended the Julliard before getting involved in the theater. He did plays for a while, and was eventually able to get a TV series.

    He starred in multiple award winning films in the 90s and 2000s, and he was given a star on the Walk of Fame. Spacey continued to be a fixture in TV and film, and in 2011, he was cast in House of Cards. He continued to do films as well, including several blockbusters.

    He was accused of sexually propositioning a minor this week.

    Kevin Spacey’s net worth is an estimated $100 million.

    House of Cards Cast Net Worth: Robin Wright

    Robin Wright plays Claire Underwood in House of Cards. She started off as a model as a teenager, and she quickly got a soap opera role, before moving on to doing movies and TV.

    Wright was best known for Forrest Gump and The Princess Bride; however, she has done dozens of films and TV shows. She has won several awards for her work, starting in soaps, and going all the way through to House of Cards, for which she won a Golden Globe.

    Robin Wright’s net worth is estimated at $60-80 million.

    House of Cards Cast Net Worth: Kate Mara

    Kate Mara is the sister of Rooney Mara, and plays Zoe Barnes on House of Cards. Kate Mara comes from an extremely wealthy family, having two football team founders as relatives.

    She got into show business in the 90s on Law and Order, before doing several other TV shows, many of which ended up being cancelled. She eventually got cast in House of Cards, and she continues to make films.

    Kate Mara’s earnings from her projects is in the low tens of millions; however, given her family wealth, her net worth is estimated at significantly higher than that.

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