Saying goodbye to Barney Stinson of ‘HIMYM’ will be so damn hard — but this chart helps

Tonight, How I Met Your Mother ends its legen…wait for it…dary run with a series finale sure to have the whole world talking.

Sure, we’ll miss the show, but we’ll miss Barney Stinson most of all. So will our friends over at Stylight.

“As fashion experts, we’re huge How I Met Your Mother fans and jumped at the chance to analyze the show’s biggest fashion icon: Mr Barney Stinson. During long days, and even longer nights, we tirelessly devoted ourselves to counting, observing, describing and analyzing Barney’s style – laughing and crying when one of the suits died – to quantify what truly makes him such a fashion icon.”

Enjoy this handy infographic celebrating Barney’s amazing style.

Infographic from


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