Gregg Allman Net Worth At Death: How Much Do His Wives, Fam Get?

This afternoon, it was announced that Gregg Allman, of the famous and talented Allman Brothers musical group died. Allman died at 69 after having many complications from health issues.

Gregg Allman Net Worth At Death: How Much Do His Wives, Fam Get?

Over his long career, Gregg Allman did very well, earning a significant net worth. However, he had many former wives, who he had to pay support to.

So how much was Gregg Allman net worth at his death? How much will his estate get? What will his wives get?

Gregg Allman: Musical Talent, Tabloid Material

Gregg Allman didn’t grow up rich. When he was young, he used to play music at the YMCA. His dad was a military guy, and he and his brother started getting interested in music during their teens.

Allman and his brother, Duane, made music under several different band names, but finally settled on the Allman Brothers Band. They worked for nearly a decade playing small time shows and touring before they got any major success.

Allman became a tabloid favorite for his Hollywood life. Part of that was his many marriages. He married six different women, and almost married another. One of those marriages was to Cher.

Gregg Allman: Earned a Lot, Lost a Lot

Gregg Allman signed some relatively lucrative deals for his time. At the height of his success, he and his band were making an inflation adjusted half-million dollars per show, and they would rent out giant expensive props to make their shows bigger and wilder than others’.

Allman’s marriage to Cher also brought him a lot of wealth, partially from Cher’s own net worth, but also because they produced a Kardashian-like following by the tabloids and media.

However, throughout that time, Allman faced many downs, due to drug and alcohol abuse, and band unrest and upheaval. He lost much of his money over his later years, through divorces, legal trouble, and stints in rehab.

Gregg Allman Net Worth 2018

Gregg Allman ended up with a small fortune due to royalties and other earnings from his music. In the end, we estimate Gregg Allman net worth at around $15 million.

Allman was not married at the time of his death. The majority of his estate will likely go to his several children.

Photo credit: Alberto Cabello

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