Gene Michael Net Worth 2018: The “Stick” Estate Value

Gene Michael, or “Stick” as he is known to many, died today at the age of 79. Michael was a shortstop in major league baseball and served as a manager to the Cubs and the Yankees.

Gene Michael Net Worth 2018: The “Stick” Estate Value

What was Gene Michael net worth at the time of his passing?

Gene Michael Career

Gene Michael began his career at Kent State where he played baseball among other sports. He got a deal with the Pirates in Pittsburgh after college, and he played for nearly a decade for that team.

He then went to other teams, including the LA Dodgers. But he is best known for his time with the Yankees.

As a Yankee he played for half a decade as a shortstop, and then continued on to work with the team in managerial positions.

Gene Michael got a job coaching the Yankees after he stopped playing. He was known for his skill at management and scouting, and among players he was very well respected.

Eventually, he became a manager and then General Manager of the Yankees.

Michael is often credited with the unstoppable streak of the Yankees and for picking up some of the best players in the history of the game.

Gene Michael took took several other positions with the Yankees before he finally retired.

Gene Michael Net Worth 2018

In all of the positions with the Yankees, Michael earned a good amount of money. We estimate Gene Michael net worth 2018 at $10-$20 million.

Michael’s estate will likely go to his 4 children.

Photo: Arturo Pardavilla

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