Ellen DeGeneres’ Net Worth

After so much success in 2018 we just had to take a look at what Ellen DeGeneres‘ Net Worth is. It’s not hard to figure out what everyone’s favorite TV host makes and the number may not surprise you.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Net Worth

Ellen DeGeneres' net worth

(Ellen DeGeneres’ Net Worth Below)

DeGeneres has become a household name that is synonymous with strength, courage and a whole lot of feel good times. She has been making folks happy with her show for years and continues to run one of the most successful daytime talk shows on TV.

DeGeneres has plenty of ventures outside of her TV show. She has created a couple of pretty successful games that she turned into a best seller with Heads Up! She also joined the app craze with The Ellen Emoji Exploji and continues to find new innovations to market.

DeGeneres has a clothing/home line call ED by Ellen and it has been pretty darn successful thanks to smart marketing and plugs on her show.

We should also note that when it comes to buying and flipping homes, DeGeneres is one of the best celebrities to do so. There is nothing that DeGeneres hasn’t dipped her hands in and it has created one heck of a financial empire.

With her assets, annual salary of $70 million and businesses taken into consideration, we estimate that Ellen DeGeneres’ net worth is approximately $350 million.