• The Duggar Family 2018 Net Worth

    The Duggar family has made news for- no, not another kid- but the past molestation allegations waged against older child Josh Duggar becoming public and his admittance to the crimes as well as his resignation from his job at the Family Research Council.

    The Duggar Family 2018 Net Worth

    TLC has pulled repeats of the show, 19 Kids and Counting, that made the Duggar family reality stars off the air but has yet to cancel the show long-term. Cancelling might be the only option, because many advertisers are completely severing ties with the now-taboo show.

    This has many wondering- how will the Duggars support their large family- 19 and counting to be precise- without the show that has made them famous?

    First of all, they barely have any expenses. They’ve never owned a car and purchased their home in cash, meaning that their poor children are forced to share 4 bedrooms and one super-sized closet.

    In other words, the Duggars live a life of ut-most minimalism to make ends meet and also to supplement their extreme religious views, for which they also owe much of their infamy fame too.

    What they can make for themselves, they do. According to several sources, mom Michelle makes the family laundry soap, bread, and baby wipes among other things.

    Before finding a home on TLC’s exploitation network, Jim Duggar worked in sales and invested in real estate and cell phone towers, earning the family enough to get by without people gawking in awe stardom.

    Jim also worked for the Arkansas House of Representatives before losing a good sum of money ($250,000 according to Starcasm.com) on a predictably failed run for senate.

    They likely make anywhere from $25,000-$40,000 per episode, and with ten seasons thus far,

    The Duggar family 2018 net worth is $3.5 million, with Josh Duggar owning an estimated $500,000 of that wealth.

    Doesn’t it make you sad that a family that should be charged with domestic terrorism has more money than you’re entire family’s legacy wonder what the future holds for the Duggars?

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