• Dmytro Firtash Net Worth – Trump Connection? (Dmitry Firtash)

    Dmytro Firtash (sounds like “Dimitri”) was a Ukranian oligarch who amassed huge amounts of wealth performing questionable activities in the Ukraine as well as Russia.

    Dmytro Firtash Net Worth – Trump Connection?  (Dmitry Firtash)

    Who is Dmytro Firtash?

    You may have heard Dmytro Firtash’s name on Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Firtash earned large amounts of money in natural gas and chemicals. He was also involved in banking and other areas. He has around 100,000 employees, according to IBT.

    Firtash gained notoriety when he was arrested in 2014 in Austria. Although the Austrian police claim that his arrest had nothing to do with politics, it does appear that Firtash was very involved in the toppling of the former Ukranian government. He was apparently arrested for misusing state funds in Ukraine.

    Firtash appeared several times in Wikileaks cables, due to his suspected ties to mafia and mob organizations in the Ukraine, Russia, and around the world. The Wikileaks cables say that he had admitted to providing payments to a huge Russian crime syndicate run by a man named Semyon Mogilevich.

    According to Rachel Maddow, Firtash may have been connected to Donald Trump surrogate Paul Manafort, as well as Trump’s lawyer. Manafort denies any involvement with any of these people.

    Firtash is around 50 years old, and he was a former accountant and military officer. He grew up without much money, working on his family farm. He later became an accountant.

    Dmytro Firtash Net Worth

    Most accounts put Dmytro Firtash’s net worth at somewhere between $1 billion and $3 billion dollars. It’s hard to estimate more accurately because of the alleged off-books activities that he was engaged in.

    A percentage of his assets are unavailable, however, because they were frozen by different countries due to his suspected crimes. Because of this and some losses, Forbes gives a much lower estimate at less than $500 million.

    We estimate that Firtash’s net worth is a bit over $1 billion — a lot of which is unaccounted for. Now that the U.S. has him in custody, we may find out exactly what he has stashed where.

    Firtash is now awaiting an extradition hearing to the United States. He is on parole in the E.U., in exchange for around $150 million U.S. dollars.

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