Della Reese Net Worth 2018: The Surprising Amout This Touched By An Angel Star Was Worth At Death

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World famous actress, singer, and religious cleric Dellar Reese died today. After being a singer, she got into television, where she starred in Touched By an Angel for nearly a decade

So what was Della Reese net worth when she passed away in 2018? What were Della Reese's salary/earnings? Read on...

Della Reese Career, Earnings, Salary

Dellar Reese got started in gospel music at a young age.

She was singing in bars, when she was discovered by another music great. She moved from gospel into jazz, and got a deal for six records in the early 50s.

She started to blow up in the late 1950s with her song "And that Reminds Me", after which she continued to release several popular records.

Even though her records consistently hit 1,000,000 sales, they didn't pay very much. Even today, a million-song selling artist would make at most a few tens of thousands of dollars.

In the 1970s, Dellar Reese got into TV, and she started hosting The Tonight Show, as well as appearing in several films. She also did guest appearances on multiple shows, and continued doing that well into the 2000s.

But what Della Reese is best known for is her work on Touched By an Angel. The show ran from 1994 until 2003, and then continued in syndication.

Reese is also an ordained minister. Much of her later work was for the church.

Della Reese Net Worth 2018: How Much Money Does Della Reese Have?

Della Reese made a few million dollars over the course of Touched by an Angel. However, much of her later work was for the church.

Even though she was making thousands of dollars from shows at the end of her career, that money went to charity. She continued to make small royalties from her TV shows up until her death.

In all, we estimate Della Reese net worth at the time of her death at $1-2 million.

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