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    Game developer Cliff Bleszinski has always been vocal, although you cannot deny that he has been responsible for making some of the most enjoyable shooting game franchises of all time. More recently though, his newest video games have not been popular but this should not affect his bank account anytime soon. So what is Cliff Bleszinski net worth in 2018? What are Cliff Bleszinski’s salary/earnings? Read on…

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    Cliff Bleszinski Career, Earnings, Salary

    Cliff Bleszinski is an American game developer born on February 12, 1975, in North Andover, Massachusetts, although he now currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. For many gamers out there, they will recognize him more from his famous nickname of ‘Cliffy B’. Over the years, Cliffy B has been somewhat of a polarizing figure in the gaming industry. Some people like the way he is honest with his opinions, while others don’t like his arrogant and cocky attitude. Nevertheless, most people can agree that he has been successful in the video game industry and did help the shooting genre in the late ’90s and early ’00s. 

    Cliffy B started his professional gaming career working as a designer for Epic Games. The first game he made for Epic Games was a game called ‘Dare to Dream’, although the game was not as successful as Epic hoped it would be. After that, he started worked on two other games in the next few years called ‘Jazz Jackrabbit’ and ‘Jazz Jackrabbit 2’. It was with these two games that Cliffy B finally had enough money to buy his own first apartment as well as his own car just to name a few. 

    However, it wasn’t until he worked on the FPS called ‘Unreal’ did he start becoming a household name. DOOM may have popularized the first-person shooter genre, but Unreal and its many sequels perfected it. To this day, many game developers praise Unreal as one of their biggest inspirations. In 2006, Cliffy B struck gold once again when he was the lead designer on the first three Gears of War video games. Unreal may have revolutionized FPS games, but the Gears of War series innovated third-person shooters with its creative cover system. 

    Cliffy B worked with Epic Games for over 20 years, until he started to retire from game development in 2012. He noted that he just needed an extended break. It was not until 2014 did he decide to come out of retirement to start his own gaming development company called Boss Key Productions. Boss Key Productions has since released two games so far with ‘Lawbreakers’ coming out in August 2017 and ‘Radical Heights’ releasing as an early access title in April 2018 on Steam.  

    Cliff Bleszinski Net Worth 2018: How Much Money Does Cliff Bleszinski Have?

    Some of the reasons why Cliffy B is not liked by some gamers is his cocky attitude. Sure he’s made a lot of money over the years, but some people don’t like the way he shows off his wealth and success constantly on social media. He has bragged that he owns a Lamborghini, a big house as well as married to a hot woman. Not to mention in more recent years, Cliffy B has also boycotted the Xbox brand by refusing to release Lawbreakers for Xbox One as the game was only available for PS4 and PC. Even though Lawbreakers and Radical Heights aren’t going to sell as many copies as his previous games, Cliffy B still has a lot of money left in the bank to live a prosperous life for a very long time.  

    In all, we estimate Cliff Bleszinski net worth in 2018 at $16 million.

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