Chip And Joanna Gaines Net Worth 2019: What Is The Net Worth Of The “Fixer Upper” Couple?

The adorable couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines met in Waco, Texas, and they’ve been together ever since Chip relentlessly won her over. The happily married power couple discovered a way to grow a business flipping houses in the area. When they first started, they barely made it by whatever cash Chip had in his pocket. After a couple of financial scares, they were able to catch a break when they were offered a television show on HGTV, “Fixer Upper.”

Chip And Joanna Gaines Net Worth 2019

Ever since then, their brand Magnolia has flourished from a little storefront to a mighty empire boasting everything from home goods and needs, books, real-estate ventures, and more. They purchased a place in downtown Waco and turned it into the complex now called The Silos, which has an eponymous market and bakery, built a breakfast restaurant close by as well.

While their show Fixer Upper has contributed to their valued combined net worth of $18 million — they are said to have made $30,000 per episode — the show wasn’t their first business venture, and they have taken on several others since its debut.

Loyal HGTV viewers were shocked and saddened when Chip and Joanna Gaines announced they were no longer continuing with their hit show Fixer Upper. Last November, the power couple revealed they would be returning to TV with their very own network in partnership with Discovery.

But their return to the small screen isn’t the only project the Gaines has going on. Along with raising their newborn baby boy, Crew, the pair is also working tirelessly on growing their brand. In the last few months alone, they’ve designed and built new homes around Waco; Joanna released her debut design book and also announced her first children’s book.  All of this does not even include the strides they’ve made with their existing businesses like their decor line at Target, restaurant, and extremely popular Magnolia Market attraction.

All of their successful businesses combined has left the couple with an impressive net worth. According to E! News, both Joanna and Chip are worth roughly $5 million each—although the estimate by is as high as $9 million each and climbing, which brings their total to a whopping $18 million. That’s not a small chunk of change, especially for a couple in their early 40s.

Of course, it is important to point out that Chip and Joanna’s people haven’t confirmed this information. Until the two release their tax returns or bank statements (which is highly unlikely and also completely unnecessary, unless they are planning to run for office), there’s no way to find out exactly how much the Gaines are worth.

With a new network in the works and multiple existing businesses, the pairs net-worth is only set to skyrocket further. With their humble and down to earth attitude, they have gained fans who are ready to support all their ventures. With Fixer Upper they have closed a chapter in their life, and turning a page to even bigger and better things.