• Border Wall Of Concrete To Cost $20M/Mile; Here Are Alternative Wall Options

    Donald Trump’s budget has called for funding for his promised border wall with Mexico. The actual amount requested is surprising: $1 billion for a 48-mile section of new wall. That calculates out to $20 million for every mile.

    Border Wall Of Concrete To Cost $20M/Mile; Here Are Alternative Wall Options

    So if a concrete wall will cost $20 million/mile, what other things could you make a wall out of for $20 million/mile?

    (Obviously, most of the cost is in labor — especially to get material to remote locations. But the following is an interesting illustration.)

    A 48 mile, 118 Foot Tall Wall of TVs to Watch the Super Bowl

    With the above budget, you could create a wall of giant screen brand new TVs. A 1 mile long series of 60 inch TVs — 1173 TVs in total — requires 60″ televisions that cost a total of about a half a million dollars. So the 48 mile line of 60″ TVs will cost $24 million.

    But a 60″ TV isn’t high enough for a wall. So you would need to start stacking. For the $1 billion, you could stack 41 TVs high all the way along the wall. That would mean you’d have a 48 mile, 118 foot high wall of TVs.

    A 48 Mile Wall of New Porsche Boxsters

    If you like cars, you could create a 48 mile long wall of brand new Porsche Boxsters — bumper to bumper. You would need about 370 cars for each mile, or 17,760 Porsche Boxsters in total.

    How much would that cost? $888 million. That leaves plenty of money for gas and fuzzy dice.

    A 48 Mile Wall of Louis Vuitton Bags

    Do you like designer handbags? Here’s another way to make up a 48 mile wall. You can buy a mile long line of Louis Vuitton handbags for about $5 million. For the 48 miles, that would cost around $240 million. So you can stack the handbags four high for a total of $960 million.

    Unfortunately, that’s pretty easy to jump over, so it may not be as viable. And you’d only be left with a meager $40 million for matching boots.

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