Anthony Scaramucci Net Worth Raises Questions: Is He Really Worth As Much As People Say?

Today, news reports are out that Anthony Scaramucci has been offered the post as White House communications director, a job that Sean Spicer was temporarily filling. Anthony Scaramucci has long been a Trump supporter and has promoted him on TV and in interviews.

Anthony Scaramucci Net Worth Raises Questions: Is He Really Worth As Much As People Say?

Anthony Scaramucci is a very wealthy businessman, having been a managing director at the top Wall Street bank and later a founder of his own capital management company.

So how much is Anthony Scaramucci net worth?

Anthony Scaramucci: middle-class to multimillionaire

Anthony Scaramucci grew up as a son of a construction worker, and went to Harvard Law school, after which he went to work at Goldman Sachs in investment banking. In the 90s, he left Goldman to found his own investment firm, Oscar capital management.

That company was eventually sold and sold again, at which point he became a managing director at the eventual buyer, Lehman Brothers. Lehman Brothers eventually collapsed, but Anthony Scaramucci got out before the crash and started another investment firm.

The new firm that he started was called Skybridge capital, and has offices in New York, Zurich, and Palm Beach. The size of the fund is over $10 billion.

Anthony Scaramucci recently sold Skybridge (although the transaction is in process) in order to work with Donald Trump.

On his disclosure form, Scaramucci says that he earned around around $10 million from Skybridge over the past ~ 1 year. You can see the entire disclosure here.

Anthony Scaramucci’s funds raise questions

While the fund grew, and Anthony Scaramucci became wildly rich, Skybridge had relatively poor returns. In fact, according to Business Insider, Skybridge’s Dividend Value Fund has lagged behind 80% of its peers over the last year. The fund is also more expensive than many of its peers.

The fact that Skybridge has had such poor returns may be one of the reasons why there have been rumors that Anthony Scaramucci was connected to a giant Russian investment fund. There is absolutely no evidence currently that those rumors are true, and CNN had to retract a story about the alleged connection.

Much of the value of Skybridge was not in funds, but in the annual SALT conference that they put on, which brings together all of the biggest names in the finance industry.

Anthony Scaramucci net worth 2018

Anthony Scaramucci is no doubt a very wealthy man. However, his actual net worth is in a lot of dispute. According to Bloomberg, Anthony Scaramucci’s around 50% stake in Skybridge capital was worth around $100 million dollars. Therefore, his proceeds from the sale of Skybridge, along with his prior earnings, would likely put him in the range of a net worth of a quarter billion dollars.

Other Internet sites have estimated Anthony Scaramucci net worth at between $600 million and $1.5 billion. We believe that that is grossly overestimated, given the value of Skybridge and Anthony Scaramucci’s previous earnings. It is extremely unlikely that he would be worth over 10% of the size of his fund — especially given that he has a co-founder.

Given all the information available, we would estimate that Anthony Scaramucci net worth will be in the range of $200 million-$300 million after the sale of Skybridge completes. Currently, he’s worth around $85 million.

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