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    Who is Amber heard? Where is Amber Laura Heard now? what is amber heard’s net worth? Amber is an American actress who was born on April 22, 1986, in Los Angeles, California. Now, Amber Heard age is 36 years. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, which came out in 2006, was her first lead role. Since then, she’s been in movies like The Ward (2010) and Drive Angry (2011). Johnny Depp married Heard in 2015. In May 2016, when she asked for a divorce, two very public lawsuits were filed against her.

    Name: Amber Laura Heard
    Age: 37
    Born: 04/22/1986
    Country: American
    Profession: Actor, Film producer, Film actor
    Amber Heard Net Worth

    In one of the lawsuits, she claimed that Depp had hurt her before. She was a witness in the case of Depp v. News Group Newspapers Ltd., in which Johnny Depp sued a British tabloid for calling him a “wife beater.” Johnny Depp sued Heard for libel, but London’s High Court of Justice said that 12 of the 14 alleged violent acts were “proven to the civil standard” by Heard’s claims. In the US, Heard was sued for libel after a Washington Post opinion piece said she had spoken out “against sexual assault” and become “a public figure representing domestic abuse.”

    In Depp v. Heard, the jury found that these statements were false and hurtful, so they sided with Depp. The investigation found that Depp’s former lawyer also hurt Heard’s reputation by saying that she “roughed up” a penthouse as part of a “hoax” against Depp. In Depp and Heard’s lawsuit, the court gave each of them $10.35 million and $2 million. In this article, all Amber career, personal life or also Amber Heard’s Net Worth are covered. 

    Early life 

    Heard was born in Austin, Texas, to internet researcher Patricia Paige Parsons (1956–2020) and small-business owner David Clinton Heard (1950–). Whitney’s little sister is named Whitney. Outside of Austin, Texas, was where the family lived. Heard’s father taught her to ride horses when she was a child. In his spare time, her father trained horses. Even though she is now an adult, she says she no longer agrees with turning women into things. When Heard was 16, her best friend died in a car accident. After that, she stopped believing in God. Heard left her Catholic high school the following year because she no longer felt at home in conservative, God-fearing Texas and wanted to focus on her acting career in Los Angeles. She finished a home-study course and ended up with a diploma.


    Heard got her start as an actress when she was in a few music videos. “Jack & Bobby,” “The Mountain,” and “The O.C.” are some of the movies and TV shows she has been in. In 2004, she got her start in the movie Friday Night Lights. The movie did well at the box office and made her more well-known in the film industry. Drop Dead Sexy, North Country, Side FX, Price to Pay, You Are Here, and Alpha Dog were the next projects she got. She has appeared on TV shows like Criminal Minds and Californication along the way. In the teen drama Hidden Palms, Amber had a bigger role. Critics didn’t like the show, so it was cancelled after only eight episodes. Remember the Daze, which Heard was in, was mostly panned by critics.

    Amber didn’t become one of the most popular stars in Hollywood until 2008. This year, she was in a movie with James Franco and Seth Rogen called Pineapple Express. Besides Never Back Down, she was also in another movie. The fact that these two movies made a lot of money shows that Amber can take a project to a whole new level. The Informers and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, on the other hand, were not very popular. In 2009, Amber kept up this pattern by getting parts in both well-reviewed and poorly reviewed movies.

    Even though Zombieland did well at the box office and with critics, she also made The Joneses and The Stepfather, which did poorly with both audiences and critics. Later, Heard focused more on independent movies like Exterminators, The River Why, and And Soon the Darkness. She was also in the movie The Ward, which didn’t do well with critics but did well at the box office. Amber Heard nude career is also famous and his also naked pictures are also available.

    At that time the estimated Net Worth Amber Heard is in Millions. 

    Amber Heard Movies

    Some of best Amber movies are below:

    • All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
    • London Fields
    • Three Days To Kill
    • amber heard aquaman
    • The Rum Diary
    • The Ward
    • Paranoia 2013
    • Machete Kills
    • The Stepfather
    • The Stepfather
    • The Joneses
    • The River Why
    • When I Live My Life Over Again

    Personal Life

    Amber husband name is Johnny Depp. There are a total of one Amber Heard kids.

    Amber Heard Daughter

    • Oonagh Paige Heard

    Johnny Depp Amber Heard

    In 2009, when she was working on the movie The Rum Diary with Amber Heard Johnny Depp met together. They met for the first time in 2011, got engaged the next year, and got married in a religious ceremony in 2015.

    Divorce proceedings commenced against actor Johnny Depp

    She said last year that she and Johnny Depp had broken up. She also got an order to stop her ex-husband from coming near her because she said he hurt her at home. In the middle of all the media attention, Depp quickly denied the claims. Heard was given $7 million by Johnny Depp as part of their divorce settlement. This is because she testified against him in court and showed that he was guilty of the charges.

    After that, Amber said she would give some of the settlement money to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union. Johnny says Amber lied when she said she would give the money to charity in January 2021. Lawyers for Depp are said to have called the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and the ACLU to find out how much money they got from Heard. The ACLU wouldn’t give the Daily Mail the information, but the Children’s Hospital said that they had only received $100,000. She was supposed to pay about $3.4 million more than this.

    Reports say that the hospital even called Heard to see if he would keep his promise. The lawyers for the ACLU say that Amber gave the ACLU about $1.3 million of her $3.5 million debt when she testified in court in April 2022. But it was already known that Amber wanted to give for more than ten years. Also, there was evidence that Amber only gave $350,000 of the $1.3 million. Johnny Depp gave $100,000 and another ex-lover, Elon Musk, gave $500,000. When the ACLU asked Heard about the other half of the donation she had promised, she said she was having trouble with money.

    Depp vs. News Group Newspapers Ltd

    Johnny Depp sued The Sun’s owner, News Group Newspapers (NGN), for libel in June 2018 because an article from April 2018 called him a “wife beater.” In the well-known trial that took place in July 2020, Heard was an important witness for NGN. In November 2020, a judge of appeals said that Depp had lost his case and that 12 of the 14 alleged attacks by Mr. Depp on Ms. Heard had been proven to the civil standard. The court did not agree with Depp that Heard’s accusations against him hurt her career and activism, but it did agree that Depp’s actions hurt Heard’s reputation. In March 2021, Depp’s request to change the decision was denied.

    Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard

    In December 2018, Depp wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post. In February 2019, he sued Heard for libel over the piece. When I spoke out against sexual abuse, I had to deal with our culture’s anger. In the lawsuit, Depp said that the opinion piece hurt his reputation by making three false claims. Second, Heard writes, “I became a public figure for domestic violence two years ago, and I faced the full force of our culture’s anger at women who speak up.”

    Heard also says that I had the rare chance to see in real time how institutions protect men who are accused of abuse. Depp said that he thought Heard was the one who hurt him and that her accusations against him were lies. In an August 2020 counterclaim against Depp, Heard said that Depp had harassed her on Twitter and through online petitions to get her fired from Aquaman and L’Oréal. In the end, Heard’s counterclaim went to trial over three claims that Depp slandered her with statements made by his lawyer at the time.

    Adam Waldman, in the Daily Mail in April 2020: Waldman says that Amber and her media friends used false sexual violence claims against Johnny Depp as both a sword and a shield in a smear campaign; second, Waldman says that in one incident, Amber and her friends spilled some wine and messed up the place, got their stories straight with the help of a lawyer and publicist, and then made an extra call to 911 as an ambush against Depp; The insurance company for Heard, New York Marine, sued her in federal court in 2022. They said that the facts found by the jury show that Heard’s responsibility is the result of her own choice, so they are not responsible for the loss.

    Johnny Depp Net Worth before Amber Heard $900M.

    Amber Laura Heard Petition

    Amber Heard Elon Musk

    Musk, who dated Amber from 2016 to 2018, did not comment on the actress’s defamation case against Johnny and even stayed absent from the courtroom since he had no desire to assist her in her legal troubles.

    Elon Musk Amber Heard

    Elon Musk Amber Heard

    Amber Heard Turd 

    Amber Heard Instagram

    Amber Heard Net Worth 2022 – How much is Amber Heard worth?

    How much money does amber heard have? According to Forbes, American model and actress Amber Laura Heard has a net worth of -$6 million. She is a well-known actress, but most people know her from movies like “Aquaman” and “The Rum Diary.” Heard is famous for more than just being an actress. She is also known for working for the rights of LGBTQ people. Amber’s relationship with Johnny Depp has made her more well-known in recent years. Even though they got a divorce in 2016, Heard and Depp fought for the next few years in court and in the news. The estimated Amber Heards Net Worth 2020 is $9 million.

    Amber Heard Net Worth 2021 is $12 million. Now, the roughly estimated Amber Heard Net Worth 2022 is $3 Million.

    Judgement of $10 million

    You may have heard that in June 2022, a Virginia jury found Amber guilty of defaming Johnny Depp in connection with the Washington Post op-ed she penned in 2018. In the beginning, the jury awarded Johnny $15 million, which was split equally between compensatory and punitive damages. It didn’t take long for the punitive damages to be reduced to $350,000, as required by Virginia law. Amber was given $2 million by the same jury. Amber owes Johnny $8.35 million in damages as a result of her actions. Amber’s net worth was previously estimated at $2.5 million.

    Amber’s legal fees up until the verdict were reportedly mostly covered by her homeowners insurance, according to several publications. Her insurance may or may not cover the full extent of the damage as of the time of this writing. On the other hand, the damages may be lowered if the case is taken to appeal. If the damages aren’t covered by Amber’s insurance, we may assume she’ll have a difficult time affording them. As a last resort, Amber could file for bankruptcy if she cannot afford the judgement and insurance does not cover it. The $10 million compensatory element of the losses may be unaffected by a bankruptcy filing because of the legal context in which it is done.

    Endorsement deals

    Amber made $10 million in pre-tax income from all sources (salaries, endorsements) between 2013 and 2019, according to testimony submitted during the Depp v. Heard mutual defamation cases. 2019 was her best-earning year, making nearly $3 million. According to testimony, Amber had a four-film deal with Warner Brothers that paid her $450,000 for the first film she starred in. In the original Aquaman, she was paid $1 million. She was promised $2 million for the sequel and $3-4 million if a third Aquaman film was made, according to her contract. Amber was paid $200,000 per episode to star in the nine-episode series “The Stand,” resulting in a total payment of $1.8 million, according to testimony. According to Amber’s testimony, she had a two-year, $1.625 million contract with L’Oreal that guaranteed the cosmetics giant 20 days of her time each year.

    Verdict of Defamation

    The jury in Virginia found in favour of Depp on June 1, 2022. Amber was ordered to pay Johnny $15 million in damages for slander, which included $5 million in punitive damages and $10 million in compensatory damages. Punitive damages of $5 million were immediately lowered to $350,000 due to the punitive damage cap in Virginia. Amber was given $2 million in partial obligations, which is interesting. With a home’s insurance umbrella coverage, Eriq Gardner from Puck News claims that Amber’s legal fees have thus far been paid for by her insurance company. Her insurance may or may not cover the whole cost of the damages, depending on the extent to which she was negligent.

    Spousal Support 

    After splitting from Johnny Depp, Amber Laura Heard requested spousal support in 2016. If Johnny agreed to allow Amber to use a Range Rover, to continue living in three of his Los Angeles penthouse residences, and to receive $125,000 for legal and accounting bills, she would “keep this problem from the public eye,” according to court records in the 2022 defamation lawsuit. Depp is said to have agreed to pay $50,000 a month to Nex ber to cover various costs. Her monthly expenses were found to include costs like $10,000 in rent, $2,000 per month in eating out and $10,000 in pet supplies and legal costs according to the court filings.

    Using $27,000 in film royalties as evidence, she stated that she had a very tiny income. In 2014, she earned $250,000 from her numerous activities, but she spent about $210,000, leaving her with a net income of just $40,000, according to financial records. At the time, Amber had only $25,000 in her bank account, according to records she provided to the court. Finally, Heard withdrew her spousal support claim.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Amber Heard have a child?

    Oonagh Paige Heard.

    How old is Amber Heard?

    She is 36 years.

    Who is the father of Amber Heard baby?

    The father of Amber baby is Johnny Depp.

    How much is Amber Heard worth?

    The Amber heard’s net worth is $6 million.

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