• The 2018 Squander Awards: The Best Luxury Lifestyle Websites

    Welcome to the 2018 Annual Squander Awards for the best websites about luxury lifestyle and living the high life.  Every year, we find the top blogs about everything luxury, including luxury travel, luxury home life, and luxury transportation.   We went through hundreds of websites, and our readers selected these sites as the best of the best. They are definitely worth a tweet.

    The 2018 Squander Awards: The Best Luxury Lifestyle Websites

    So here are our 2018 winners:

    The Lifestyle Diaries

    The Lifestyle Diaries is a blog about luxury London and getaways throughout Europe. Lauren shares her experience about restaurants, events and places in her hometown, but also about her luxury travel.   She has great reviews of different places, hotels, and activities.  Some of the places she will be traveling to include Paris and The Cotswolds.  The beautiful pictures make our readers extremely jealous!

    Chic Family Travels

    Tamala Prickett started the Chic Family Travels Blog to share her passion to travel and to inspire other families to adventures. She writes about exciting destinations and luxury lifestyle. Her useful travel tips cover everything from vacation rental and packing to gift ideas.  Our readers love it because it is one of the few places that review high end accommodations (as well as things like business class flights) with kids in mind.

    Passion For Luxury

    Passion For Luxury is founded by Eric Jrm Engelen, international luxury marketing expert. This blog is all about the luxury lifestyle, including travel, places, cars, and jewelry. Our readers tell us that once they start reading the blog, they can’t stop.

    Elegantly Fashionable

    Debonita is a fashion lover who blogs about fashion and travel, as well as lifestyle.  She’s traveled everywhere from the Maldives to Morocco, and she always has great beauty and clothing tips.  Want to look and feel like a million dollars, wherever you go? Follow her.

    Lux Life

    Lux Life is a luxury lifestyle and travel blog by Catherine Lux. She is exploring the world through visiting interesting events, enjoying food and having fun. Her award-winning blog reflects her experiences. Our readers love to follow her to places like Rome, Budapest, and Cuba.  

    Carmen’s Luxury Travel

    Carmen’s Luxury Travel is a site that shares luxury and family travel tips from all around the world. Carmen Edelson takes with her as she travels around the world — to the top luxury destinations — and writes about her amazing experiences.  One thing our readers love is that she always includes beautiful photos. You can find great advice how to plan your trip, where to go, or what to see.

    Luxury Haven

    Luxury Haven is a lifestyle blog by a former flight attendant who has visited more than 30 countries. She writes about her travels and beautiful places, as well as beauty, fashion, shopping, and food.  On this blog, you’ll find the top luxury travel destinations, products, and more.  You’ll also find deals on top luxury.

    Travel Like a Chieff

    Pamela started Travel Like A Chieff and turned her passion for traveling into work. She writes about luxury lifestyle, beautiful destinations, tasty food, and exclusive hotels. Some of the coolest things from the blog are sample luxury itineraries, which you can use to plan a trip. Our readers love the restaurant and attraction recommendations.

    Passion for Hospitality

    Passion for Hospitality is the brainchild of Elena Sergeeva. The amount of amazing content on the blog is shocking. There are countless articles about luxury destinations, from Slovakia to Jordan.  And there are plenty of high end restaurant reviews, with delicious photos. Our readers love the details in the reviews.

    Follow Your Sunshine

    Follow Your Sunshine is all about the life and adventures of Polly’s family, who live in Qatar. She writes about all the good things in life: luxury travel experiences, great food, parenting, friends and more. You can also find a lot of reviews, advice and beautiful photos.  The blog is full of mouth watering restaurant reviews, travel tips, and more. 

    Jetsetting Bombshell

    Want to know the best luxury restaurants in Krakow, Poland? Or how to have a high end destination wedding? Joanna Stich writes about travel, luxury lifestyle, and interior design. Her blog Jetsetting Bombshell is about her travel experiences and everyday life.  Our readers love the range of topics: you can read about exotic destinations but also find out how to make a wedding bouquet.

    Luxury Executive

    If you’re an executive with money, where else would you spend it than these beautiful destinations? Luxury Executive has some of the most amazing photos and tours of the top luxury destinations in the world. Any luxury buff could sit around for hours drooling over all of the pictures. 

    Wandering Carol

    Wandering Carol is a luxury travel blogger who has visited some of the world’s best hotels, spas and extraordinary places. She shares her experiences with her followers hoping they’ll get some travel ideas. Our readers love the ultra luxury articles, like how to rent a yacht to tour Spanish islands.

    Welgrow Travels Blog

    The blog is all about luxury travel destinations, extraordinary places, and tips for planning travel.  Whether you’re looking for a luxury honeymoon, safari or family trip, this is the site for you. It  was founded by Welgrow Travels Private Limited which provides luxury tours and trips.

    Le Bon Lifestyle

    Le Bon Lifestyle was started by Rob and Gemma who enjoy food, drink, travel, and luxury. Following their blog, you can read about their adventures or the latest reviews on restaurants, hotels, and destinations in London and around the world.

    Planes and Champagne

    Talk about the best name for a blog ever….Planes and Champagne is an amazing blog about the highest of high end travel.  From the best spas to afternoon teas, Maggie (the author) lives life exactly how we want to live.

    The Travel Manuel

    The Travel Manuel, which oddly, isn’t run by anyone named Manuel, is one of our readers’ favorite blogs because of the bucket list photos and ideas. This blog challenges you to take action and go on your next adventure. The authors write about amazing places they have visited, and their fantastic experiences encourage readers to explore the world around. They share information about places to stay, to eat, product reviews and much more.

    The Boutique Adventurer

    The motto of this blog from Amanda O’Brien is “for those who love travel adventures but want to finish the day with a high thread count on their sheets.” On her travels, Amanda has top of the line experiences like paragliding, as well as spa retreats.  The site reviews and discusses top boutique hotels, spas, and glasses of wine. 

    Travel Luxury Villas

    Sabrina Piccinin is a luxury villa rentals expert who inspires you to travel. Her blog is all about luxury destinations and beautiful villas, where you can have your dream vacation. Our readers love the pictures, which make us all jealous.

    Fresh and Fearless

    Aftab Pathan started Fresh And Fearless when he was 19. His blog is all about the luxuries of life — mostly travel and restaurants, but also fashion and lifestyle. The articles are followed by his own photography.  Readers love this site because of the excellent, yet accessible reviews and articles.

    World Within Her

    World Within Her is a blog about luxury sustainable travel and lifestyle. The author, Marsha, enjoys traveling around the world and connecting with people. She promotes eco-tourism, sustainable ways of living and a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle.

    PK Jules World

    This excellent blog was created by Julie Syl And Dr. Paul Kalungi, world travelers and bloggers. The site not only reviews and photographs the most amazing places and luxury accommodations, it also tells you how to live like they do, with flight deals and savings tips.

    Silver Spoon London

    Angie Silver enjoys finer things in life: luxury hotels and travel, as well as food — both cooking and eating it. Her blog is all about her adventures in London and around the world, luxury destinations and local cuisine. This blog provides reviews and advice on the best hotels, restaurants, and destinations around the world. Some of the experiences: Michelin star restaurants, Ritz hotels, and more.

    The Travelista

    The Travelista is an award-winning blog created by Jess Gibson. It is about her adventures around the world, the luxury destinations, restaurants and hotels she has visited as well as travel tips and recommendations. One of our favorite parts of the blog is how she gives design tips, to make your home look like a high end hotel or building.

    Diary of a Jewellery Lover

    Love the finer things, like jewelry, watches, and five-star hotels? Then, Diary Of A Jewellery Lover is for you.  It’s a luxury lifestyle, travel and fashion blog with top end hotel reviews, watch reviews, and affordable luxury.

    Urban Life ‘n Style

    Urban Life ‘n Style a South African site with award-winning articles on travel, fashion, and entertainment. The blog introduces readers to all of the new top luxury products, from cars to hotels.  There are also dozens of mouth watering meals from famous chefs.

    Luxury Activist

    Want to know about what’s going in Cannes? What about the newest premium airline lounge in Switzerland? It’s all in Luxury Activist, a Swiss lifestyle online magazine about luxury. Readers can enjoy articles about fashion, beauty, art, watches, and travel. 


    Maryhop is a luxury travel and lifestyle site by Mary Kalymnou, which is dedicated to travelers who want to find the top luxury locations and products. Mary lives her dream to see the world and shares her personal experiences, impressions, and tips on the blog.  


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