This iPhone 6 Is Worth $13.5 Million Dollars

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The Squander Staff

The world's most expensive IPhone 6 was recently unveiled, and the particulars are absolutely insane.

While we go year to year waiting for an upgrade in hopes of even procuring the most recent IPhone model like most regular citizens tend to do, the world's upper echelon are finding unbelievable ways to make their IPhones that much better than ours.

And they've done it. The nearly $14,000,000 phone made by company Goldgenie is a 24-carat gold model and is encrusted with diamonds and precious jewels. The signature Apple logo itself is comprised of entirely diamonds, and the phone's lining precious jewels.

iPhone 6 most expensive

The buyer of this phone better not only be one of the world's richest, but one of the world's most careful individuals, because there's no way they're covering that beauty up with an IPhone case.

And speaking from years of experience as an IPhone user, we won't ever let our IPhone exist without some kind of life proof case.

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