• $1,000 iPhone Apps Really Do Exist

    If you’re like us, you’ve probably only paid for a handful of IPhone apps in your lifetime, and to shell out the two bucks for them was probably a really tough decision. At the end of the day, Plants vs. Zombies was totally worth it, but would you ever even consider buying an app not only upwards of ten bucks, but nearly $1,000?

    $1,000 iPhone Apps Really Do Exist

    There are a handful of $1,000 apps out there, and while some of them seem like they serve a really great purpose, there’s a couple of them that can only be described as baffling.

    The App That Perfectly Describes Squandering

    If you like to Squander, this app is for you. Exclusively for High Net Worth Individuals only, VIP Black is essentially like a Groupon for the wealthy. It costs $1,000 to download, and that price covers a one-year-membership. In return for the grand and being an awesome millionaire, VIP Black will set members up with its partners to get access to top-quality services with premiere perks. Such services include access to the best personal trainers, private jets… basically any superfluous but awesome luxury you can think of that a millionaire might want to indulge in.

    The World’s Most Expensive Bro App

    Yeah, breh. QSSFStats is another $1,000 IPhone App that unofficially holds the record for most expensive app designed for straight brosephs. QSSFStats is just a really efficient way to keep track of Flag Football scores. There’s not too much information available for QSSFStats out there except a lot of commentary on how ridiculous it is for a flag football scoring app to cost a grand. Our theory is that two bro-haters got together and decided to see if they could devise a way to get bros to spend a totally unreasonable amount of money on something. Just a theory, though.

    The $1,000 Study Prep App

    BarMax CA is another $1,000 app that’s intent is to help users pass the California Bar Exam. Paying the download price gets the user 50 hours of audio lectures from Harvard Law School professors and additional information to help him or her ace the test. The app was predictably created by a graduate of Harvard Law School in order to make money help fellow appreciators of law.

    The Ones That Actually May Be Worth It (?)

    There are several other applications listed for $1,000 on the iTunes store, and some of them actually seem worth the price, dare we say. These apps are the ones designed for professionals and include complex software intended to ease the lives iof people in a given profession. Such examples include apps like Alpha-Trader which facilitates stock trading and Agro which helps agronomists with clients, inspection reports, and sales. We’re not stock traders or agronomists, but these apps actually seem like potentially could be worth the steep price.

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