Zayn Malik Dropping New Album ‘Icarus Falls’

One Direction fans, or dare I say Zayn Malik fan get ready to squeal your hearts out because there is new music on the way from Gigi Hadid’s on again-off again boyfriend.

Zayn Malik Dropping New Album ‘Icarus Falls’

The former One Direction-er is set out to release his second studio album, Icarus Fall on December 14th. This is just a couple of weeks away. The news of the forthcoming album has been confirmed by Billboard.

What makes this particular album even greater is that it is going to have a whopping 27 songs! After listening to the album, it’ll be hard to pick a favorite that’s for sure. Some of our old favorites such as “Sour Deisel”, “Entertainer”, and “No Candle No Light” are included in the new album. There are a couple of collaborations thrown in the mix with artists such as Niki Minaj and Timbaland.

This year has been a roller coaster ride for the former boy bander, from breaking up with his long-term model girlfriend Gigi Hadid, to opening about his faith. The news of the break-up resulted in headlines all over the world, and for second teenagers stopped believing in true love. Pictures of devastated Zayn were splashed across different publications. His Instagram feed reflected a distraught young man pining for his former flame. Reports circulated that he had postponed his album because he was inspired by his pain and wanted to include new songs. Now we’re wondering if some of those songs made it into the mix. The album has 27 songs, so you may never know.

The release of the album has been announced earlier than intended, and this is because fans started spotting the album on New Zealand’s version of iTunes along with a skeleton song list. iTunes let the cat out of the bag a little early.

Earlier this month, he also opened about his faith and said he didn’t want to be labeled as a Muslim because he didn’t want to be “defined” by his religion or background.

Are you wondering what inspired the name of Zayn Malik’s new album? What really is Icarus Falls? It’s actually an old Greek Myth of the tragedy of Icarus. Icarus is the son of Daedalus, who managed to fly out from his imprisonment from the wings his father had made for him. He didn’t listen to his father’s warning to take middle course and flew too close to the sun which made his wings melt and result in his death. Her hurled towards his death in springtime when there were pageants and celebrations taking place in the city. The death of Icarus goes unnoticed in the spring, which is nothing but a drop in the sea.

All poets/artists fear (here we’re assuming Zayn considers himself to be a poet) that their “passing will go unnoticed”, and this is a theme that has been discussed for centuries. This theme highlights a feeling that a poet might have, that the world has never really recognized his accomplishments.