The Unexpected Reason Why Michael Sheen & Sarah Silverman Split

Well, this is one split that not a lot of people saw coming. Michael Sheen is finally spilling the tea on his split with the comedian/actress Sarah Silverman. Now if you had thought infidelity had played its part, or if the relationship had just run its course, you’re wrong. The couple split up for the most unexpected reason, Brexit. Who knew?

The Unexpected Reason Why Michael Sheen & Sarah Silverman Split

The world politics has taken a twist for the crazy after Britain voted for Brexit and then later the United States vote for Trump. Both Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman wanted to get more involved in shaping political views in their respective countries. This led to Sarah doing her show I Love You, America and forced Micheal Sheen to address some issues that he believed influenced people to vote the way they did about Brexit.

Initially, the Hollywood couple bonded for their political views and passion for bringing about change, however, both of them had an inkling that the timing was not ideal for a successful relationship, Sheen decided to move back to Great Britain and get more involved.

Both of them had similar drives, but to act on those drives, they were forced to pull away from each other because Sarah Silverman is American and Micahel Sheen is Welsh.

Sheen said “I felt a responsibility to do something, but it did mean coming back here (to Britain), which was difficult for us because we were very important to each other. But we both acknowledge that each of us had to do what we needed to do.”

When compared to other short-lived romances in Hollywood Sheen and Silverman lasted for a decent amount of time. The couple dated for nearly four years (that is eons in Hollywood standards) before ending it at the end of last year. The comedienne reassured fans on Twitter that their split was amicable and no drama of any kind had been involved. Earlier this year, she said that one of the key factors that influenced thesplit was that they lived in different countries.

This was not the first time either of them had been in a high profile relationship. Sarah Silverman has previously dated Jimmy Kimmel for almost ten years. Do you remember that infamous shower video the pair made poking fun at each other post break up?

Meanwhile Sheen has dated Kate Beckinsale with whom he shares daughter Lily Mo Sheen. The actor has also dated Rachel McAdams for three years and broke up because both of them had different visions for the future. The actress wanted to get married, and Sheen was not on the same page.

Now, he is rumored to be dating an Irish comedian Aisling Bea. They have been spotted at different hotspots around London. They attended the Olivier Awards in London together, although they did not arrive together or walk the red carpet. Since the romance is still relatively new, they want to keep it as private as possible.

Do think this new rumored romance will last?