• Best Android Tv Box

    Android TV box was a game-changer within the purest sense of the word. While these technologies were previously reserved for potential markets for nerd audiences and amusement addicts, they have become domestic appliances.

    Best Android TV Box

    Over the previous five years, many Android TV boxes have established their availability, enabling consumers to witness the material they love, the format those who love, and when they choose. To verify the best tv box there are some features of the best tv box are as follows.

    In this guide, we’ll tell you about our observation and experience of evaluating the most famous Android TV boxes.

    Here Present Best Android Tv Box

    Cubetek Portable 4k Smart Box for TV

    Cubetek Portable 4k Smart Box for TV
    • Intel ARM Cortex A-7 2 GHz intel core
    • RAM: 2 GB of DDR3
    • Storage: 8 GB
    • Interconnection: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, HDMI, AV
    • Warranty: one year

    As far as layout is involved, the Cubetek 4K has a straightforward approach. Like every other smart TV box, it’s barely more significant than just a mobile phone, but it’s almost as dense as 3 or 4 smartphones.

    Compared to the other android box for tv, it looks a little less fascinating and is softer to the extent of a bit resilient but in terms of functionality, and it’s a powerhouse. It has a beautiful 4K resolution, and when contrasted to other boxes of the same spectrum, we saw no other box playing 4K as well as this. This packaging shines with whatever format, WMV, MKV, DAT, AVI, etc.

    Like every other Android box, it also requires an internet connection to work. You could also use a remote control if you want to.


    • Flawless system of 4K
    • It supports disc pictures 
    • Connects to media server of home 
    • Budget-friendly and worth buying 
    • Work best with external drives


    • Unappealing outer surface 
    • Not customer-friendly as comes with no mouse

    2. JT X96 small Android 7.1, TV Box 

    • Processor: 2 GHz Amlogic Core Processor Q9000
    • 2 Gb ram
    • Storage of 16 GB
    • Connectivity: Link to Wi-Fi via HDMI connection
    • Warranty: Replacement warranty for ten days

    The JT X96 Mini Android Box comes with an excellent adapter, remote control, and an HDMI port. While a conventional instruction manual is included with the package, we found the controller to be a simple navigator at first glance.

    Connect and drop it from any mobile device of your preference. There’s a massive bookstore of broadcast channels and films. The 16 GB ROM of storage capacity is supported. The smart packaging plays Hotstar, Youtube, Prime, and Netflix seamlessly. Also, KD playmaker 17.3 Android is pre-installed for advanced performance. When you first experience the product, you will need to link it to the world wide web and enable an allowed mini-update. Once you’ve logged in to your google account, it all goes fine.

    It changes the image quality of your TV, reviewing it to the favored 4K resolution. We considered it to be much more useful for all TV-related needs than for smart TV. The intelligent box runs brilliantly quickly on a 100 Mbps cable channel. In short, considering the price range, one might prefer a better working investment.


    • Without Lag
    • Best Graphics Processor
    • Strong Chip
    • Able to go with Third-Party softwares


    • Lacks small Keyboard
    • Not best for gaming

    Linkcon Mi Android TV box 8.1

    JT X96 small Android 7.1, TV Box
    • Processor: S905X Amlogic Core Processor
    • 2 GB of RAM
    • Storage: 8 GB
    • Connectivity: Direct to Wi-Fi
    • Warranty: 1 Year of Fault Manufacturing

    The Mi Box S seems to do precisely what it intends to do. Clear, 4k display and rebroadcast from web pages like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube, etc. In conclusion, Jio users, Jio movies, TV, and other apps are working through sideloading. Dolby Vision Plus has made way for an interactive experience. Other than 4k, its most tricky playback of HEVC & H-265 doesn’t deal with any issue in manufacturing. 

    The Mi box continues to run all kinds of apps smoothly. It is not able to implement the leading service from the Play Store, nevertheless. You’re going to have to download the app from either the internet and install it. Conversely, you can download apps from the Zip File.

    Your Google Assistant will always be there to browse for apps and app-related questions. There is only one Socket that can turn out to be quite a problem from time – to – time. It is also restricted to 2 GB of RAM. As for the ROM, this can be extended to 128GB with no hiccups.

    Operating underneath the google treble task, new updates will be installed without impacting the device in any hateful manner. We believe it’s a little overvalued for the characteristics. But on the other hand, the 1-year warranty agreement for manufacturing issues is reassuring.


    • Usable, decent remote controller
    • Large variety of Apps
    • Easy to assemble 
    • Having the ability to sideload
    • Can be linked to wireless keyboard and mouse. 


    • Internal space for storage is lacking
    • No port for LAN

    4. PHANTIO MX10 9.0 Smart Android TV Box 

    PHANTIO MX10 9.0
    • Processor: Intel Cortex A5 2 GHz
    • RAM: 4 GB GDDR4
    • Storage: 32 GB
    • Connectivity: Ethernet, Wifi, HDMI, AV
    • Warranty: 3 Months

    The MX10 Smart TV Box is a simple plastic box in black color without any flashy graphics. Yet it is very compact and quite powerful. 

    The setup process is straightforward, and it comes with a friendly layout. All you have to do is connect your display, keyboard, and mouse, and you are good to go. You can set up your gaming consoles without any trouble too. 

    This Android smart TV box is equipped with the latest Android 9.0 operating system. Being powered by RK3328, it works quite efficiently and loads movies, pictures, and games without any buffering delays.

    MX10 is compatible with several android apps. This is the best android tv box to use. IF you want to use android streaming box is one of the best choices to use. The wifi signal is fast and of good quality, making internet browsing smooth. 

    The Smart TV box is equipped with quadruple 1080P picture quality. This gives you a creamy and smooth visual effect.


    • Simple Setup
    • Easy customer interface
    • Affordable to buy 
    • Many USB Ports


    • No connectivity with Bluetooth
    • Manual update is required

    5. T96 PRO™ KM3 MECOOL Smart box 



    • Processor: 2 GHz AMD
    • Size of RAM: 4 GB
    • The storage capacity: 64 GB
    • Connectivity: USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
    • Warranty: 10 days of replacement warranty

    Among the Android TV boxes, MECOOL is a well-known brand. The newest addition, the MECOOL KM3 Android 9 pie Voice Activation TV Box, is a tiny rectangular box with a polished coating packed with functionalities.

    It’s Google approved, which also means that you really can enjoy all of Google’s services, like Google Assist, Chromecast, Google Home, etc. With the help of The internet Cast, you can play videos and music from your smartphone, laptop on TV, or even your computer.

    The Bluetooth headset helps to manage stuff with ease. The Bluetooth 4.1 Amplifier enables you to connect quickly to other portable drives.

    The 4 GB of RAM shows that the product goes efficiently. Integrated cables with USB ports ensure high speed. The best part of it is that it could be voice-controlled. You could even link the box to many other smart home appliances. You can also use it as a streaming device.


    • Certified with Google 
    • Microphone and Bluetooth
    • Voice order compatible
    • Good voice quality 


    • License restrictions 
    • Less TV OS

    6. X96 Small Max Android, Smart Box 

    Android Smart Box
    • Processor Brand: 2 GHz Intel Cortex
    • 2GB of RAM
    • Storage of: 16GB
    • Connectivity: Ethernet, LAN, Bluetooth;

    Warranty: 6 months;

    The X96 Mini Max box is a high-performance TV box that comes with a developed Android 7.1 OS as well as an Amlogic Core Processor Cortex CPU. With a sufficient storage capacity of 16 GB of system storage, This android streaming box is an octo core android tv box this is because it has high performance you could even download many more movies as you like, with no hassles. It has a 17.3 pre-installed Windows phone KD player that provides you with a range of apps and content you’ve already installed.

    Almost all family members are opting for a Smart tv of sorts in today’s fast-track world. The X96 Mini Android Bos was considered an appropriate device for Indian homes. We put that to the test, so here’s what we discovered about it. The box also endorses 3D gaming and recognizes various languages such as French, Italian, German, etc.

    This is a low-cost service that provides excellent quality and performance at this cost. They are also a new, up-and-coming company that wants to maintain its customers, and therefore offer life-long support.


    • Budget friendly 
    • Multilingual interface
    • High quality video streaming


    • Old style exterior
    • less RAM

    Best Android TV Box Brands

    You’re looking for the best Android TV box in India would then bring you up and personal to a number of well-known brands. We’re going to help you understand a little more about such brands or they become a lot more than titles for you.

    1. Cubetek

    In 2001, Cubetek began an extraordinary technological business with the skills given by Singapore. Also at the heart of all this lies the genuine desire to fill the gap between digital media and home media. Cybertek delivers its product globally at a monumentally moderate price range. Its list of areas contains Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Central America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

    Android TV boxes are among the first technological customizations in which the company has plunged its hands. Degreed workers work day and night to create newer better media box functionalities. The company is also employed in the manufacture of Bluetooth headgear, wireless transceivers, and waterproof technologies.

    2. JT

    Once you’re hunting for India’s leading Android TV box, you’ll surely come around the name of JT. Well beyond a great record for environmentally efficient android TV boxes including the x96 mini range and touchscreen wireless mics with Bluetooth headphones, little is known about its company.

    The maker’s focus is on inventive, smart technology that will operate through a variety of plugin assistance and Bluetooth technologies. They focus on offering the best material possible, so you don’t even have to stare at the features market. Their android boxes are full packages under their own as well as rarely do clients need to look for extensive storage space and other equipment.

    3. MI

    It has been nine years as of their inception, and they’re still firmly committed to their motto—“always believe that something fantastic is about to occur.” The ‘MI’ stands for internet services and its mission is extremely difficult because to get this far, Xiaomi has to face some difficult competition.

    Businessman and chairman Lei Jun and his squad are creating high-quality hardware, apps, and networking service providers for Mi fans all around the world.

    With far more than 61 million devices sold in 2014 and product lines initiated in more than eight countries, Xiaomi is broadening its worldwide sales to be a worldwide organization.

    4. Phantio

    Phantio is a company which succeeds in the production of TV boxes. This 4k android tv box is because it has goods and is quite efficient and user-friendly and will provide the best requirements at such a cheap price.

    A few of their signature products are A95X, TX6, H96 MAX, and all of them have a few interests in common. All of them already have the android Os edition, 3D 4K picture quality, and quad-core manufacturers, ensuring fast and stable performance. Finally, all of them will be quite easy to use and support all the top trending apps. You can download high-quality videos without fear of being lagging behind. Choosing a Phantio box is, and besides, the correct option.

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    What’s the Android TV Box, precisely?

    For the unenlightened, still holding hold of this innovation world, the Android TV box is comparable to the small set-top package. This digital media box is running on the Android platform. This small box is worthy of streaming specific content from online content providers or video-sharing webpages by reflecting videos on your TV screaming. The phone provides online products using the internet rather than cable lines.

    How is the box working?

    HDMI or Bluetooth connectors are supplied so that you can attach your device to your TV. The TV and the Android box after which share the Web with one another. Generally, the processor is the latest software technology. Videos and films are broadcasted through streaming video websites and digital streaming sites, whilst also songs fill the house with music players.

    What’s the Android TV stick? How was that different from the Android TV box?

    The system that uses Android software as well as connects it to Televisions to obtain streaming services is not only compatible with Android TV boxes. There is a better and lighter version in the type of such an Android TV stick.

    What’s 4k Broadcasting? Why is that important?

    4K and High Power Description work in the same way. What this means would be that the horizontal precision on the digital TV screen would’ve been 4000 pixels. In the case of traditional HD TVs, the resolution is restricted to 1080 pixels. You can distinguish by pixel resolution on your own.
    In the last five years, the demand for TV boxes has doubled and, as a result, the market has also been focused on a quantity of these boxes from different brands. We placed a whole handful of them just for the test, but there seem to be two real favorites. The Cubetek 4K portable smart TV box and the JT X96 Android Mini Box.

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