Kylie Jenner Rocks Silver Hair: Here’s How You Too Can Get Her Look

Kylie Jenner has influenced major trends in the last couple of months from pouter, filler-filled lip to a full-blown make-up line. So, it is no surprise that Kylie Jenner makes the headlines with mundane news such as a new hairstyle.

Kylie Jenner Rocks Silver Hair: Here’s How You Too Can Get Her Look

It seems that the reality star/cosmetic mogul was inspired by winter wonderland when she dyed her hair an icey silver. She debuted her new look for Travis Scott’s (her daughters Stormi’s dad) concert on November 27th. Kylie’s freshly painted white manicured nails perfectly coordinated with her new look. Her outfit was less stripper chic and leaned more towards trashy chic with a small graphic tee, and orange (or maybe red?) pants. She covered up with a cropped teddy jacket and also wore white sneakers (looks like the sneaker trend isn’t dying anytime soon).

Before debuting her look before Travis’s concert, she shared her dying session on Instagram stories.

Kylie Jenner Silver Hair

The stylist responsible for Kylie Jenner’s icy new look is Chris Appleton. In the course of the last few months, we’ve seen Kylie tresses in various hues, and Chris has been her go-to guy for all her recent make-overs. He explained the inspiration behind this new hairstyle. Chris wanted to create a softer pastel color that would take her from “traditional Barbie to cool girl Barbie,” and one way to do that was to icy, ashy gray color. He said he loved the idea of using Unicorn Hair in a more “approachable way” to show how versatile it is. According to him it’s easier to switch from pinks to yellows to grey with Unicorn Hair?

Are you wondering what Unicorn Hair is? It’s a vegan, semi-permanent hair dye; all the cool people are using it.


How to Recreate Kylie Jenner’s Silver Hair

Her hairstylist used Lime Crime Make Up’s Unicorn Hair in the shade Charcoal.

Mix one full bottle of dilute with three inches of Unicorn Hairs Charcoal.

To condition her hair, he used Color Wow’s Security Conditioner.


Why Chris Appleton loves Unicorn Hair

The formula has no ammonia, is vegan and deliciously smells like candy.

Changing her hair color is something Kylie loves doing because she’s been doing it for years. She has practically dyed her hair every color of the rainbow, so we’re sure this look won’t last too long. Back in 2016, she dyed her hair white and dubbed the shade silver blonde. The hair chameleon also dyed her hair platinum shortly after her daughter Stormi Webster was born.

When she’s not dying her hair, she whips out a colored wig. Keeping track of her tresses is tough.

What are your thoughts on her new look? Is this something you’ll try out? When it comes to Kylie Jenner, the world is watching and copying. Remember the fallout she received after the Kylie Jenner challenge? She claimed to have gotten fuller lips by using a full lip enhancer, and after that, the world started using it to not so great results. Silver hair isn’t as risky though.