• Kevin Smith Net Worth 2018: After a Hospital Recovery What’s He Worth?

    Kevin Smith is making news because he has suffered a major heart attack and is currently in recovery.

    Kevin Smith Net Worth 2018: After a Hospital Recovery What’s He Worth?Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

    At the age of 47, Smith said that he suffered a “massive heart attack,” which he was able to survive because he went to the hospital on time.  He had a show in Illinois on the evening when he felt heart pain, and he decided to go to the doctor.  There he found out that he had a 100% blockage in his artery.

    Luckily, Smith was treated and he’s now doing fine.  So what is Kevin Smith’s net worth in 2018? What are Kevin Smith’s salary/earnings? Read on…

    Kevin Smith Career, Earnings, Salary

    Kevin Smith got started in comedy because he was overweight, and comedy allowed him to better communicate with other kids.  He started to get into movies in his early 20s, and decided to go to film school.  

    After film school, he went back to working at a convenience store while he worked on his films.  In order to make his first movie, he borrowed money from credit cards and family.  He managed to produce the film Clerks, which immediately won a Sundance award.  That got him visibility which helped him start selling films to major studios.

    After Clerks, Smith made a series of films, including Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and others.  This run of films earned around $15 million total.  After these, Smith went on to make some more prominent films, like Dogma, with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.  That film earned significantly more.  

    Smith continued to make several other films with major stars, including Jersey Girl, which only netted $1 million because of its relatively large budget (compared to other Smith films).  Clerks 2 followed, making a significant amount more than the first one, and it was followed by movies like Zack and Miri.  Each of these films netted less than $20 million at the box office.

    Jay and Silent Bob was one of his most successful franchises, with a film that netted around $10 million at the box office, and many ancillary sales.

    Smith’s later moves include several major losses, like Red State, and Tusk.  More recently, Smith has had trouble making movies because he has been unable to get actors to sign on with his work.  As a result, he’s mostly been making small independent films.

    Separately, Smith has been earning money doing comic book work, where he writes for magazines and other publications.  He has written essays, reviews, and books.  His most popular book made the best seller list, earning him a significant amount of money.

    Smith also owns a comic book store, has multiple TV shows, including one about the comic book store, and has several podcasts that earn him a significant amount of money.  

    Kevin Smith Net Worth 2018: How Much Money Does Kevin Smith Have?

    Kevin Smith’s films netted only around $30 million in total at the box office.  This would mean that Smith only earned a small percent of royalties, and with advances he would have been expected to earn around at most $6-10 million.

    However, Kevin Smith has earned a significant amount of money from different ventures.  Although his movies have not been super successful at the box office, he has earned money from video sales and other royalties.  Additionally, he has earned money from his other ventures.  For instance, his comic book store, and his essays and books brought in some money.   

    Separately, Smith earns money from the royalties for Silent Bob related items and content, as well as acting roles.  He has TV shows, including his reality series that add to this total.  

    In all, we estimate Kevin Smith net worth in 2018 at $20 million.

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