Five Of The Most Expensive Things Jay-Z & Beyoncé Have Ever Bought

The power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé officially tied the knot in 2018. Their marriage catapulted their star power to another level. Beyonce, also fondly referred to as Queen B by her fans (also known as the beehive), is a megastar in her own right. However, this was not always the case, both she and her husband came from families who had nothing and later became defining voices of pop and hip hop.

Power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé

In 2017, Jay-Z was named the second-richest hip-hop artist in the United States by Forbes Magazine. The magazine also crowned Beyoncé as the most powerful female star in the world of entertainment. Whether it’s spoiling their children with the sort of presents, we could only ever dream of, giving each other gifts that surpass most people’s annual budget, or just choosing to buy the absolute finest no matter the cost. This couple has been making some of the wildest purchases in the last few years like it’s just a trip down to Starbucks or Walmart.

Here are five of the craziest things that Jay-Z and Beyoncé have spent some of their fortune on.


Beyoncé showed off her new grill on Tumblr, giving her fans a glimpse of her new shiny pair of vampire fangs.  They weren’t just your average vampire grill though. Her stunning vampire fangs are made of real gold and is encrusted with diamonds.

After posting a picture of them on the social media platform, she later brought it front and center in the “Bow Down” music video.


Beyoncé and Jay Z expensive cars

The Carters have gone big on cars, and we mean big. Jay-Z’s collection is worth around $15 million and includes dreamy cars likes the Zonda F. Queen B doesn’t mess around either, driving around in the rare and uncommonly impressive Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR. But the most recent addition to their collection came on Jay-Z’s birthday when his wifey surprised him with a striking white $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.


Blue's special Barbie doll

When it comes to expensive things, this one will blow your mind.

One of the most expensive gifts Blue Ivy ever got has been the present she received on her first birthday, a customized Barbie doll.

Blue’s special Barbie doll includes 160 separate diamond gems across the body and is even decorated with white gold jewelry. The doll set her extremely wealthy parents back $80,000.


See, it’s insane things like this that makes being a celebrity seem fun. Back In 2011, Jay-Z found himself in Miami club while celebrating the launch of his new album Kanye West. That night he discovered that he was in the same club as Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. So, Jay-Z decided to beat Cuban’s bill and went all out. He dropped $250,000 on champagne throughout the night.


The couple has been seen going in and out of a major New York adult entertainment store during the Christmas a few years ago. The duo ended up shelling approximately $6,000 at the store. Some of the things they purchased were even reportedly gold-plated!