• The Extravagant Celebrity Homes of Hollywood’s Golden Era Stars

    The longer you stay in a job, the heavier your fortunes are. Similarly, this applies to our celebrities in Hollywood who have become multi-millionaires and have substantial bank accounts as well as extravagant celebrity homes beyond our imagination.

    The Extravagant Celebrity Homes of Hollywood’s Golden Era StarsImage Credit: Amlu

    One thing that is found common in famous people is their interest in investment in estates. Celebrities mostly turn into real estate tycoons and smartly invest their income in houses. They buy huge villas, filled with the most lavish amenities, and have magnificent architecture.

    Extravagant Celebrity Homes of Hollywood’s Classic Stars

    Let’s peek into the houses of golden era celebrities who have owned homes more luxurious than any A-List stars.

    Kenny Rogers

    Kenny Rogers - Celebrity Homes
    Source: Realtor

    Kenny Rogers has been accumulating wealth from being a successful country singer as well as a businessman. He owned an extravagant mansion in Atlanta, which he bought in 2012. At the time of the deal, the cost of the estate was around $1.5 million.

    The house boasts six bedrooms, a theatre, a pool, and a game room. However, Kenny Rogers sold his property in 2018 for $2.38 million after he decided to retire from the music industry. In memory of his great contribution to the music industry, a farewell tour was held known as the “The Gambler’s Last Deal”.

    Betty White

    Betty White - Celebrity Homes
    Source: Life Indigo

    Betty White is best known for her amazing sense of humor. Having been blessed with a long healthy life, she just recently turned 98 years old in 2020. Celebrities are regularly on a hunt for real estate investment. However, Betty has played differently.

    She lives in a home that she has owned since the ‘80s. She lost her husband, Allen Ludden, 3 days after the house was completed. However, Betty White has always been discreet about her home. She rarely shares any information, and the value of the house remains a mystery. Betty White was last seen on the episode of Entertainment Tonight.

    Warren Beatty

    Warren Beatty - Celebrity Homes
    Source: Westside Estate Agency

    Warren Beatty and his wife Anette Benning are probably one of the only long-lasting couples in Hollywood today. Being parents of four children, the couple has made a lot of important decisions in life together, including real estate investment. Their house situated in Beverly Hills has known to be the best investment they have made so far in real estate.

    The incredibly beautiful property has a swimming pool and a beautiful Mediterranean interior. This 10,000 square feet palace was located in the most privileged location and had a spectacular view of San Fernando Valley. However, despite being a fantastic house, the couple decided to sell it for $7 million in 2012.

    Loretta Lynn

    Loretta Lynn's House
    Soure: Getty Images

    Having been in the music industry for around six decades, Loretta Lynn has been using her fortunes buying properties. Her Kingston Springs mansion has been the famous house that she sold for $1.31 million in 2018.

    Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this mansion is a 30-minute drive away from downtown Nashville and is an excellent place to have a private time. The house features a tiki bar, a recording room, and an elevator. The 4-bedroom house covers an area of 7.12 acres with a high ceilings and gives a Southern-style look.

    Lynn is 87 years old, and the most recent album she released was in 2018, titled “Wouldn’t it be Great”. That same year she was named as the “Artist of a Lifetime”.

    Raquel Welch

    Raquel Welch's House
    Source: Amlu

    A popular actress in the late 60’s, Raquel Welch has known to live in luxury houses since forever. Her former mansion in Beverly Hills is one of the most beautiful properties she has owned. She reportedly stayed in the house for around 8 years. She even got married in the backyard of this house.

    This two-story property has six rooms and an elevator. It also features a wrought iron staircase that opens to a beautiful spacious terrace. The house was sold in 2015 and again in 2017 by the latest owner for a price of $5.7 million.

    After Raquel Welch’s acting career came to a halt in 2017, she has not been able to make a lot of earnings since then.

    Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood's House
    Cottages Garden

    Clint Eastwood has been a successful man in Hollywood for years. He is known to be the best director in the film industry and has directed at least 40 successful movies. He is not just talented behind the camera but as well as in front of the camera. Clint Eastwood has owned a lot of homes through the years, while one that was sold a few years back is the mansion on the Pebble Beach.

    The house was purchased in 1994 for an initial price of $3.925 million. The residence boasts six bedrooms and sits on 6,900 square feet. He sold the house in 2017 for $9.75 million. The director does not have any new acting roles currently, but the last film he directed was in 2019, Richard Jewell.

    The extravagant celebrity homes are undoubtedly a feast for the eyes. They spent millions of dollars on the decoration and redesign of the houses. The mansions they own are big enough to boast recreational activities like a tennis court or a swimming pool, something not everyone can afford to have. However, with these magnificent houses comes a high maintenance cost, which is an investment with a hefty monthly price.

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