YouTuber Joe Sugg Hints He’s Dating Dianne Buswell

YouTuber and Strictly Come Dancing participant Joe Sugg has been very coy about the rumors of his romance with his dance partner Dianne Buswell. Sugg appeared on This Morning earlier this week, when asked about his alleged romance with his dance partner; he didn’t deny that they were partners off the dance floor as well.

YouTuber Joe Sugg Hints He’s Dating Dianne Buswell

This Morning host Phillip Schofield asked the question which was on everyone’s mind; was he dating his dancing partner? Joe said that they were “too busy” for anything but rehearsing for the BBC show. Being a YouTuber, he is used to being in the limelight and answering awkward questions like a pro. He also added that “it’s so nice, I’ve met such a good friend in Dianne.”

Yes, yes we know what he means by “good friend.” Don’t take us for a spin, Joe.

Philip, knowing that girls across the nation wanted to know the status of their favorite YouTuber, leaned in and asked, “and?” Good-humoredly Joe answered: “We haven’t got time to think of anything like that! We’re so busy dancing.”

Wait, the story gets interesting, *cue in dramatic music* “Is that a no?” probed Philip. To which Joe said: “We’re so busy dancing! We haven’t got time!” A couple of weeks ago, Australian professional dancer Dianne split from Emmerdale star Anthony Quinlan.

See, we told you things were about to get interesting. Also, after the couple split, people were quick to jump to the conclusion that after Dianne’s split, Joe is free to make his move (or vice-versa).

What is Dianne’s take on all this? She, like Joe, hasn’t officially confirmed the romance, but she has gushed that he is a dream to teach. Ah, really? She didn’t hold back and then added, “Everything I tell him he takes on board. Not only is he such a hard worker, he does it with so much fun. We haven’t had a day in the studio where we haven’t laughed continuously… I’ve had the time of my life.”

So how did the romance rumors really catch fire? A couple of months ago, pictures appeared that showed Dianne heading to Joe’s flat after training.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, the dance partners poked fun at each other and the speculation surrounding their relationship status. There is a clip in the video where Sugg says Dianne’s around my house; I can’t believe it. That can only mean one thing, Dianne’s around my house for a YouTube video, and it must mean we’re going out with each other.” Dianne, who had just broken up with her boyfriend at the time of the video responds by saying “it must mean that. Hello, boyfriend.” Joe then remarked: “If a girl comes round a boy’s house for a YouTube video, definitely boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Rather than being interested in the romance, I’m just in awe of how far internet fame can take you. They do make a rather cute couple though, don’t they? What is your take on all this?