World’s fastest private jet boasts Rolls-Royce engine + $22.9 million dollar price tag

The world’s fastest private jet has car royalty under the hood and a price tag only a monarch could afford.

Citation X, built by Cessna, has been certified by the FAA at mach 0.935 (617 MPH). This important designation makes the Citation X the world’s fastest civilian aircraft. Up to this point, the Gulfstream G650 was the fastest private jet.

The Citation X is impressive — a pair of Rolls-Royce engines under the hood generate 7,034 LBF of thrust. With a maximum operating altitude of 51,000 feet, and a range of 3,242 nautical miles, the Citation pushes speeds private pilots once dreamed about.

“Speed is the reason for flight,” commented Cessna CEO Scott Ernest. “It was true for [company founder] Clyde Cessna in 1927, and it’s true today.”

For those more interested in the luxury aspect of the flight, the world’s fastest jet offers owners a fully customizable cabin with touchscreen controls and WiFi connectivity. The plane seats twelve lucky friends.


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