• Why the World’s Most Expensive Coffee is Bizarre

    The world’s most expensive coffee, $50-$80 a cup in the United States, does not sound very appetizing.

    Why the World’s Most Expensive Coffee is Bizarre

    We’re more than happy to admit that we’re a slave to the market and drink our fair share of capitalism in Starbucks coffee every morning.

    We’re also happy to go on the record saying that whatever other kind of crap-coffee Starbucks competitors are trying to sell tastes like poop.

    And so does the world’s most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak, but perhaps more so because it’s actually made from poop.

    Cat poop, to be specific. Clivet cat poop, to be more specific. Cherry-fed Clivet cat poop to be most specific.

    We kid not, the Clivet cat, known as the coffee rat in Indonesia and the tree dog on the Indian subcontinent, is fed only the best cherries day in and day out in order to produce a highly valued feces that is used to make the similarly prized Kopi Luwak coffee.

    According to The Jakarta Post, “Much debate surrounds the luwak coffee’s taste, with many experts asserting that the quality is in fact quite poor and nothing to be excited about. Some connoisseurs swear over the coffee and will go out of their way to make a purchase. Some claim the taste to be less bitter and earthier, yet the overall quality and robustness of flavor varies widely region by region.”

    Mmmmm, yeah. We think when it comes to beverages and varying taste by region, we’ll stick to wine.

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