No pluckin’ way! Stradivarius Viola is the world’s most expensive musical instrument

If you’re not already a Stradivarius viola player, don’t bother taking it up, because the instrument is a little pricey. Well, this particular instrument is expensive. To the tune of $45 million dollars.

The rare Stradivarius viola, owned by Baron MacDonald of the U.K. back in the 19th century, will be auctioned by Sotheby’s this spring. The starting price of $45 million is far higher than the sale price of any other orchestral instrument or home or even a collection of violas.

Before the viola goes up for auction, it’s going to get plucked. Even though violins don’t get plucked. It just worked so well, just go with it.

Rising star violist David Aaron Carpenter will give a performance on the rare instrument Thursday morning at Sotheby’s New York, and will play the viola again at Sotheby’s Paris on April 15. He describes it as “the most truly perfect viola ever made.”

No argument since my viola experience with violas is none-ola.


The World’s Most Expensive Musical Instrument: David Aaron Carpenter Plays $45 Million Stradivarius Viola, Auction by Sotheby’s in June via Classicalite