Tom Ellis net worth and Salary 2018

Today, Fox’s hit show Lucifer is returning to television for its third season. The star of the show, Tom Ellis, has a long career in film and theater as well is television, and he is earned quite a bit of money in his endeavors.

Tom Ellis net worth and Salary 2018

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Tom Ellis Career and Earnings, Salary

Tom Ellis began his career in the United Kingdom. He is of Welsh descent and he started acting and playing music in high school. He became a talented musician and played in the chef Sheffield youth orchestra.

Much of his early career was in the United Kingdom. He was on a show called New Angels on the UK’s Channel 4. He was also on the BBC’s Doctor Who. He did a number of other television shows in the UK before he moved to the United States and started getting acting roles in Hollywood.

Tom Ellis got his first major role in the United States on the USA Network on a show called Rush. From Rush, Tom Ellis went on to other shows, but his biggest success was Lucifer on Fox.

Tom Ellis’s former wife is also an actress, and she earned a significant amount of money on different roles. In fact, it was reported that she had a 1 million pound contract in 2013. However she disputed that. In fact she claims that she only made a couple thousand pounds a week.

Tom Ellis net worth and salary

Tom Ellis has earned the majority of his fortune after taking on roles in the United States. According to his ex-wife, the couple never made very high salaries in the UK. Over their time in the UK, we estimate that they made a total of a few million pounds.

Since getting a huge deal on Fox’s Luciver, however, Tom Ellis has become significantly wealthier. In fact, given salaries of stars from comparable shows, he is likely making $50,000 or more per episode.

We estimate Tom Ellis net worth in 2018 at $8-12 million.

Photo: Sue Lukenbaugh