• Starbucks menu maniac! Guy invents drink costing $54 but gets it for free

    While the average folk prefers a plain, overpriced cup of coffee off the Starbucks menu, Andrew Chifari opts for a concoction much larger than your standard order.

    Starbucks menu maniac! Guy invents drink costing $54 but gets it for free

    Recently, he ventured to his local Starbucks with one goal in mind: to browse the Starbucks menu and create the most expensive drink order ever.

    Like many customers, Andrew is a Gold member of the Starbucks’ loyalty program, entitling him to one free drink, no matter the cost, after every 12 purchased. Naturally, the guy took advantage of this freebie and saw it as a world record-setting opportunity.

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    The previous record-holding drink clocked in at $47.30, mostly due to its 48 espresso shots. It also contained ingredients like pumpkin spice, fruit and matcha powder, all of which probably taste nasty when blended together. But Andrew preferred to go the delicious route this time around, because what fun is a calorie bomb if you can’t drink it?

    Starbucks Menu Mash-ups

    Once he convinced a few baristas to get on board with this plan, Andrew worked with them to create a massive 128 oz concoction using ingredients off the Starbucks menu. After about 10 minutes of figuring out expensive ingredient combinations, they all came up with a 60-shot drink called the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino. I repeat: 60 shots of espresso. Needless to say, this drink surpassed the previous record with a $54.75 price tag, and its size is comparable to that of a small child.

    You might be wondering — did Andrew actually drink this sugar bomb? Of course he did! Well, the champ had about 1/3 of it on site and saved the rest for later. It actually took him five solid days to finish, but in the end, he downed all 4,500 milligrams of caffeine and 128 oz of insanity. And yes, Andrew is still alive and kickin’.

    Note: please don’t pull a rookie move and try to drink and/or make your own Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino. This move is for pros only.

    Now it’s time for Andrew to move onto the desserts on the Starbucks menu!

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