Rose Marie Net Worth 2018: What Was The Actress Worth At Death?

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Rose Marie is best known for being on the Dick Van Dyke Show, but she had a career spanning decades, with many other credits, including musical and acting credits.

So what is Rose Marie net worth in 2018? What are Rose Marie's salary/earnings? Read on...

Rose Marie Career, Earnings, Salary

Rose Marie actually started as a child actor. She began performing as a singer named "Baby Rose Marie", and she would go around to different locations, like clubs and bars, and she would do comedy and sing.

That launched her musical career, which allowed her to get on the radio. On the radio, she had a comedy show, but she also started to get into the burgeoning film and TV industry.

She continued working in the industry throughout the 1930s, doing both music and comedy, and also working with well known bands and orchestras.

Marie soft of disappeared for a few years, but she reemerged in the 1960s.

She did some TV shows before getting a starring role on the Dick Van Dyke show, as the famous Sally Rogers. She played that role for 5 years, before she went on to do other shows.

Over the years, she appeared in dozens of shows and TV episodes. She was a staple in TV even into the 1990s, where she was on Murphy Brown, Caronline in the City and Wings.

After the 1990s, she essentially retired from the acting industry; however, she did do some reunion shows and other guest spots. During her later career, she also could often be seen in the theater.

Rose Marie Net Worth 2018: How Much Money Does Rose Marie Have?

Rose Marie did not make as much money as more recent actors.

Unsurprisingly, although today's actors on shows like The Big Bang Theory make $1 million or more per episode, and even relatively low rated shows pay $50,000 or more to their stars, actors of the 1960s and 50s earned significantly less.

In the 40s, 50s and 60s, even the biggest film stars made less than $1 million for an entire film.

Meanwhile, TV shows in the 1940s made only a few thousand dollars per week. Rose Marie would have made in this lower range.

In all, we estimate Rose Marie net worth in 2018 at less than $1 million.

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