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    Do you want to know Who is R Kelly? how old is kelly? where is r kelly now? what did r kelly do? How much is r kellys networth? Well, worry not all your queries about Kelly and his net worth are cleared in this article.

    Name: Robert Sylvester Kelly
    Age: 55
    Born: 01/08/1967
    Country: American
    Profession: Rapper, Actor, Record Producer, Songwriter
    R Kelly Net Worth

    R Kelly Net Worth – How Much Money is R Kelly Worth?

    Being a very famous American musician, singer, and producer. He is getting a lot of money from these sources. In addition to this, he is also a great songwriter and professional Rapper.  According to the resources, the net worth of Robert Sylvesters Kelly is almost $-2 Million. The R Kelly Net Worth 2020 is $2million. The estimated R kelly Net Worth 2021 is $2 Million. Now the estimated R Kelly Net Worth 2022 is $2 Million. But R kelly Net Worth at his peak was made a record of almost $100 Million.

    R Kelly is an American singer whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly. He is a very famous singer, songwriter, actor, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. He belongs to the USA because, on January 8, 1967, he was born in America. Robert Sylvester Kelly is one of the best-selling Rhythm-and-Blues ( R & B ) artists of the 1990s and early 21st century. He is much famous because of his highly sexualized lyrics and gospel-tinged vocal delivery. 

    Early Life & Career Beginning:

    Kelly was born in Chicago and was raised in public housing projects in that area. He was born in America in January and started to learn singing and songwriting. Kelly has been brought up by his mother Joanna. She was a singer. He found his father missing throughout his life til now. At his start, he used to sing in the streets of Chicago. He started singing in church as a child singer during their worship Church. Only his mother brought him up. 

    He was one of the five children, who taught singing by attending the Kenwood Academy. Here he performed a song by Stevie Wonder and then starts to play in the streets. Here in the Kenwood Academy, he met a great teacher Lena McLin, who persuaded him to music learning and polish his skills in singing. Actually, he had truly a gift of performing and singing anywhere. 

    Career Begining:

    Robert Sylvester Kelly professionally started his career in 1991 as a professional singer and musician. He started his career after singing in the streets of Chicago. He signed his very first contract with Jive Records. In the following year, he then released his very popular album ‘’Born Into The 90s’’. The album has become the source of big and unbelievable success for Kelly. The Hits on the album are ‘’Slow Dance (Hey Mr. Dj) and the ‘’Honey Love’’.

    • He scored his very first single in 1993 on the pop charts. It was the ‘’Bump N’ Grind’’. He used to use his nickname ‘’Prince of Pillowtalk’’ just after the death of his mother. 
    • In 1996, he released a superhit ‘’I Believe I Can Fly’’. In 1997, this superhit earned him three Germany Awards. 
    • Kelly has also collaborated with many worldwide artists including Gladys Knight, Michael Jackon, and Whitney Houston. At that time Robert kelly net worth is gone to be up.
    • He also got the credit of King of R & B in the 90s. He also released another album ‘’R’’ in 1998. In this album, he featured a with Celine Dion that has a titled ‘’I’m Your Angel’’. It became so popular and famous. There were about more than 7 million copies of this album that were sold at that time and at that time net worth of R. Kelly is at its peak.. 
    • In 1999, Kelly and Sean Puffy Combs made the charts with ‘’Satisfy You’’. In 2001, Kelly joined the Rap King Jay-Z. Then he released another super hit ‘’Fiesta’’.
    • ‘’Write Me Back’’ was released in 2012, that has followed the footsteps of stars like Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass. 
    • Kelly is considered the best hip-hopper and King of R & B. so he has sold millions of copies of his new albums and superhits. Right now, Kelly has been persuaded to make and release his new albums. 
    • Since 2022, the net worth of r kelly singer is almost $-2 Million. And after that, the net worth of R kelly went up high.

    Highlights of Kelly’s Career:

    Kelly’s professional career has many bright and amazing highlights. Some of the most admirable career highlights are enlisted here:

    • Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me (Autobiography 2012)
    • BET Awards: (Best Male R&B Artist 2003)
    • Grammy Award: (Best R & B Song “I Believe I Can Fly” 1998)
    • R Kelly: (Album 1995)
    • Billboard Awards: (Number One R&B Producer 1994)
    • “I Believe I Can Fly”: (Song 1993)
    • “Bump n’ Grind”: (Song 1993)

    Personal Life & Controversies:

    Right now, he is a very famous and popular singer and producer. Being so popular and famous many people are curious to know about his personal life and controversies. Some personal aspects of R Kelly’ life are briefly shared here:

    Birth Place and Date of Birth:

    He belongs to the United States of America. He was born in a south corner of Chicago Illinois. His date of birth is January 08, 1967. 

    Full Name:

    R Kelly is a famous American musician, singer, producer, and songwriter. But his real and full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly. But he got famous by the name R Kelly. 

    R Kelly’s Nick Names 

    Due to his performance and fame, he has got many nicknames for his lovers and fans. The names that he has earned as nicknames include ‘’The King of Pop-Soul’’, ‘’The King of R & B’’, and ‘’The Pied Piper of R & B’’. He has got the credit to redefine Hip Hop and R & B. 

    Motivation For R Kelly Singer:

    He was one of his three siblings who attended the Kenwood Academy. Here he was highly azame by his teacher Lena Mclin. He was the person who persuaded him for singing. He has learned a lot of things and techniques regarding singing from his teacher. His teacher was a great inspiration and motivation for Kelly. 

    R Kelly Siblings:

    Following are the Siblings of Kelly:

    • Bruce Kelly
    • Theresa Kelly
    • Carey Kelly

    R Kelly Rapping Albums:

    He got high recognition because of his debut album ‘’ Born Into The 90s’’. he is considered the best songwriter of the time and best signer including his most liked song ‘’I Believe I Can Fly’’ and ‘’Ignition’’.

    Other Albums:

    • 12 Play
    • Chocolate Factory
    • R.
    • TP-2.com
    • Love Letter


    Kelly was a great Christian and had firm faith in Christianity just because of his mother’s influence. He started his career as a church trained. He starts to sing early in the Church during their worship.

    Spouse: Andrea Lee (m.1996-2009) & Aaliyah (m.1994-1995)

    It is very curious for his fans to know about his spouse. So his spouse is Aaliyah, Andrea Lee. Until the year 2009, Kelly was married to Drea Kelly for 13 years. They were married in the year 1996 and they got separated in 2009. They lived together for 13 years. Moreover, he is also married to Aaliyah in the year 1994 and they got separated in the year 1995. Their relationship survived only for one year. 

    R Kelly’s Children 

    He became the father of three children in all his married life with Andrea and Aaliyah. His children include Robert Kelly Jr, Jay Kelly, and Joann Kelly.

    Controversies in R Kelly’s Life 

    In June 2002, he was indicted on 21 counts because of making children pornography. Then six years later in 2008, he was acquitted. There were also many other allegations that he denied continually. Lifetime docuseries titled Surviving R. Kelly detailed in the year 2019, the allegations of having sexual abuse by multiple women. 

    R kelly Income Financial And Legal Problems 

    During a very recent interview, the disgraced American Musician claimed that people are stealing his all the money and savings. There are many chances for him to be unable to pay child support to his ex-wife. Kelly also revealed the fact to his judge that he is unable to pay $161,000 in owed child support for all of his three children. That was the actual cause for sending him back to jail. 

    He was also amazing and said, it is nothing just a rumor, not the reality. When reporters ask him about his income and told him that according to an estimate it is expected to be hundreds of millions of dollars. He also told that he wished that it was true.

    Kelly was very amazed and said that people are stealing my money. When he added 52, he himself visited the bank for resolving the issues then he came to know that there is only $300,000 in his account. The banker also informed him that his money has been transferred to a new account at that time when he was arrested by the police. That was the actual reason that he could not post bail for being indicted on sexual abuse in the month of February. 

    Kelly called it a ‘’lie’’ when the King mentioned it as the idea that his financial struggles of Kelly stem from having to pay multiple legal settlements. 

    Highlights of his Overall Allegations 

    Kelly has been suffering from many issues regarding his financial life and his morals and character life. He has a complete history of the allegations and bad times in his life. It includes:

    • 1994: Marries Aaliyah Case 
    • 1996: Sued For Emotional Distress 
    • 2001: Sued By Intern
    • 2002 April / May: Two More Court Cases Against Kelly 
    • 2002 June: Charges Because of Child Abuse Videos 
    • 2002-2004: Arrest Prompts Further Charges Him 
    • 2017: Allegations of a ‘’Cult’’ 
    • 2017-2018: The Victims Approach the Press 
    • 2018: MuteRKelly Staff Departures and New Court Cases 
    • 2019: New Documentary Leads to Charges
    • 2019 July: Sex Trafficking Charges 
    • August: Bail Denied For Kelly (2019)
    • 2020 March: Trial Delayed for Kelly 
    • 2020 August: Witness Tampering
    • August _ September: Prison Assault (2020) 
    • 2021 June: Legal Team Replaced 
    • August: Aaliyah’s Relationship was confirmed (2021) 
    • 2021 August _ September: Trial & Guilty Verdict   

    These all are the highlights of Kelly’s allegations and their perceptions in chronological order. He is still facing some financial issues and personal issues regarding a lot of odd allegations from the court on him.

    R Kelly News:

    R. Kelly Is Found Guilty of All Counts and Faces Life in Prison.

    Why is r kelly in jail? Well, Mr. Kelly’s conviction marked a stunning fall for a man who was once one of the biggest names in R&B music. It came after the first Me Too-era trial in which most of the victims were Black women.

    R. Kelly is going to prison. Why did it take so long?

    The conviction of R. Kelly on all nine counts against him came as a significant moment in the Me Too movement for both Black women and for the music industry, ushering in a sense that, finally, justice had been served.

    But the verdict on Monday also prompted an obvious question: Women have said that the singer’s abuses began as early as the start of the 1990s — why did it take three decades for the singer to receive criminal punishment?

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    Frequently Asked Questions   

    Why R Kelly is financially disturbed?

    R Kelly is highly disturbed financially. Because according to him people are stealing his money from his bank accounts. As he added 52 in his bank while visiting the beach he came to know that there is only $300,000 in his account. 

    What happened to his bank account in February?

    In February, he was arrested by the police due to some sexual allegations. He went to the bank for getting the amount for his bail. Then he came to know that a heavy amount was transferred to his new account in February. Although he was really unaware of this heavy transaction and transfer of money. 

    What R kelly Net Worth

    According to resources, the net worth of the American Musician is almost $2 Million. He is confused because of the money stealing issue, facing these days. 

    Who is the spouse of R Kelly?

    He is married to Aaliyah in 1994 and was separated in 1995. He was also married to Andrea Lee in 1996 and their relationship remained till 2009. They spend 13 years of their life together. 

    R Kelly has how many Children?

    He is the father of three children. They are  Robert Kelly Jr, Jay Kelly, and Joann Kelly by name. 

    What is R Kelly’s situation Legally?

    R Kelly has been arrested because of some illegal activities. Federal charges alleging sex crimes, child pornography, racketeering, human trafficking, and obstruction of justice are the main reasons for arresting Kelly on July 11, 2019. He has also faced 22 total criminal charges till the 29th of January 2021.

    How is Kelly’s money id getting disappeared? 

    According to him, people are stealing his money and as a result, he will be unable to give child support to his ex-wife. 

    To which religion does Kelly belong?

    He is a Christian by religion. His mother was also a Christian and she lonely brought him up. He also started to sing during their worship in Church. 

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