• Philip K. Dick Net Worth: Years After ‘Blade Runner’, What’s His Estate Worth? A Shocking Revelation

    Can you imagine this? Like all great artists, people’s estates increase after their deaths – rather than when they were alive. But never has this been more dramatic than with the writer Philip K. Dick.

    Philip K. Dick Net Worth: Years After ‘Blade Runner’, What’s His Estate Worth? A Shocking Revelation

    Phillip K. Dick’s story reads like that of the main character from a Broadway drama – a character who goes from rags to riches. But sadly, as with many Shakespearean dramas, the main character is never the beneficiary of his great deeds.

    What was Philip K. Dick net worth while he was alive, and then after he passed away?

    Philip K. Dick novelist

    Philip K. Dick was a great prolific novelist and a story writer. Philip K. Dick died in 1982; but his legacy lives on.

    One of Philip K. Dick’s novels, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” written in 1966 was adapted into the movie “Blade Runner”. Released in 1982, the movie was acclaimed as a masterpiece. Now, in the next few days, a sequel to that movie is about to be released. The new movie is called “Blade Runner 2049”.

    Philip K. Dick was primarily known as a science fiction novelist. Philip K. Dick wrote at least 44 novels and over 120 short stories. Many of Philip K. Dick’s novels were translated into other languages. At least 9 of his novels were adapted into films, including Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report. Some of his short stories have also been converted into TV series.

    While Philip K. Dick’s writings were an inspiration for so many films and TV series, he got very little compensation for his work. Philip K. Dick managed his business affairs poorly. Philip K. Dick died soon after the release of Blade Runner in 1982. Thus Philip K. Dick never received the financial benefits from that or from any other future movies based on his work.

    Philip K. Dick net worth

    While he was alive, Philip K. Dick lived in relative poverty. After his death, his estate started to collect royalties for his work. Philip K. Dick net worth is estimated at $5 million.

    As with many great tragedies, our hero Philip K. Dick, who was a great creator of so many works, never benefited from his estate of 5 million dollars.

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