The most expensive dog in the world just sold for $2 million dollars

According to several reports, a Tibetan mastiff puppy was sold in China for almost $2 million, and is the most expensive dog sale ever on record.

A property developer paid 12 million yuan ($1.9 million dollars) for the golden-haired mastiff puppy.

Enormous and possibly ferocious (depending on breeding), Tibetan mastiffs are a prized status symbol among China’s wealthy. This lust for puppies with a passing resemblance to lions, is what sends the prices skyrocketing.

Purity of breed and rarity makes these dogs extremely expensive. The breeder of this particular puppy claims to have sold a similar puppy for half the price not long ago.

Prior to this sale, the most expensive dog on record was sold for 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) in 2011.