Millionaire YouTube Gamer PewDiePie Net Worth

Felix Kjellberg adopted the name PewDiePie when he began his YouTube career just five years ago. Since then, he has catapulted himself into the millionaires club, earning around $4,000,000 a year thanks to the millions of hits on his YouTube videos.

Millionaire YouTube Gamer PewDiePie Net Worth

He has conquered viewers one million at a time by uploading videos of himself rambunctiously playing popular video games, for which there is apparently a large audience for.

His success doing so has allowed for him to have a net worth of $12,000,000.

And thanks to the little overhead he has, he has nearly a total maximization of his profit.

When PewDiePie did a question and answer session with some of his fans on Reddit, he answered many questions candidly and gave insight into how he operates. When asked about why he participates in so very few endorsements, a rare thing for his kind of celebrity, he said: “Luckily, I make more than I need from YouTube. With that freedom, but also to respect my fans for making that possible, I don’t end up doing many endorsements.”

The fact that PewDiePie simplifies his brand, not overdoing endorsements and appearances, adds to his celebrity. Fans are sure of what to expect from the PewDiePie name, and his low-list of commitments help him make videos for his subscribers daily. There is much to be said for the genius that is PewDiePie, but little needs to be given the fact his wealth speaks for itself.