Mike Campbell Net Worth 2018

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Mike Campbell Net Worth 2017

Mike Campbell was part of the record breaking group the Heartbreakers, whose founder Tom Petty is in serious condition at the hospital as of the writing of this article.

What is Mike Campbell net worth? How much did he earn with the Heartbreakers? Did he earn as much as Tom Petty? Others? Read on...

Mike Campbell Career

Mike Campbell is a long time collaborator with Tom Petty. You can read all about Petty and his net worth here.

He was involved in Tom Petty's first musical venture, the band called Mudcrutch, which Petty and friends formed after Petty dropped out of high school.

Petty and his friends broke up after Mudcrutch, but Petty continued to collaborate with some of his ex-band mates, including Mike Campbell.

Mike Campbell did not earn as much as Petty, but he continued to do very well as part of the Heartbreakers.

More recently, he has released a bunch of solo material, as well as collaborations with top artists of the last several decades. He also continued to tour with Petty through the 2010s.

Mike Campbell Net Worth 2018

As of 2018, Mike Campbell has earned a significant amount of money.

It was previously estimated that The Heartbreakers were earning $50 million or more per year, and they were perennially on music's highest paid list. Each show that the Heartbreakers played paid $1 million or more for the band.

Much of that money went to Tom Petty, who is worth over $100 million at this time.

According to our estimates, Mike Campbell net worth 2018 is $25-$50 million.

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