This Marc Jacobs dress costs $28,000 for reasons unfathomable

This Marc Jacobs dress, labeled “Puffy Clouds Embroidery Dress”, is the most expensive of the season.

This Marc Jacobs dress costs $28,000 for reasons unfathomable

These are also the most expensive poofy clouds ever. Ever.

The Cut reports that the dress was made in a Swiss embroidery mill. There, artisans made each flower out of crushed diamonds and unicorn fur organza stuffed with three meters of yarn. The fabric, which was specially commissioned by Jacobs’ design studio and took three people one week to make, cost EUR8,000 per meter. That’s just over $11,000, if you’re counting (and at these prices, who is?).”

Fashion. Who gets it? Some people get it. A woman willing to pay that much probably gets it. Too bad no one under A-list will get her hands on it. The dress will be loaned out like a library book to celebrities and fashion shoots. Then it gets retired into Marc Jacobs’ archives at the end of the season.

It can be special ordered for $28,000. Around the same price as a small commuter plane. Go up into the real clouds. Fly around. Look down at all the crazy people buying absurdly expensive puffy dresses.

This Marc Jacobs Dress Costs How Much?! via Refinery29