Luke Bryan Net Worth 2018

Thomas Luther “Luke” Bryan is an American singer and songwriter from Leesburg, Georgia. He is best known for his country music hits, which have sold 7 million records — 27 million songs. But he has also been in films, done tours, and won countless awards.

Luke Bryan Net Worth 2018

So what is Luke Bryan net worth in 2018? What are Luke Bryan’s salary/earnings? Read on…

Luke Bryan Career, Earnings, Salary

Luke Bryan got started after college, when he “packed up” and moved to Nashville to pursue his passion. He quickly got signed to a label, and started writing.

After writing a few songs for other people, he started writing music for himself. His first song was a chart topper, and several other songs from that album made the charts as well.

Bryan had a total of six different albums, many of which topped the Billboard charts. In fact, one of his albums had six #1 singles.

Bryan was a co-writer in all of his singles except “Drunk On You”, “Crash My Party”, “That’s My Kind Of Night”, “Drink A Beer”, “Play It Again”, “Kick The Dust Up”, “Home Alone Tonight” and “Roller coaster”. He also co-produced all of his four albums as well as one compilation album with Jeff Stevens.

According to Forbes, Bryan made over $40 million per year as of 2018.

Luke Bryan Net Worth 2018

Luke Bryan earns a huge amount of money every year, although only a very small part of that comes from music sales. A musician like Bryan typically earns only about $1 per album sale, which would net him about $7 million. A similar amount would come from single sales.

However, an artist of Bryan’s level makes much of his money on tours and related work. In fact, Bryan has gone on 5 major tours, the latter of which likely paid him $50 million or more.

In all, we estimate Luke Bryan net worth in 2018 at over $100 million.