London’s Most Expensive Office Costs ~$566 Per Square Foot

In one luxurious office building in London, employees have the option of enjoying lunch in a top-quality French quality- either inside the connected restaurant or by requesting a meal delivered specifically to their office space through a lift-champagne included, leading The Telegraph to call it the office building with “champagne on tap.”

The most expensive office building is being refitted through the London firm Enstar Capital, and the firm has dropped approximately $4,397,950 to make it one of the most luxurious office buildings ever.

Important to note- over $1 million of that money was spent just to add a brass staircase, made to appear as gold because of a super-expensive polishing treatment.

Smaller luxuries in the most expensive office building include switch-free lights, gold-plated Armani-hotel style bathrooms, and a rooftop terrace for some fresh air.

In a predictable fashion, executives from EnStar Capital are shopping the swanky office space to hedge fund who spend most of their time at work and to super-wealthy and/or royal families in need of private family offices who know a thing or two about excess.