• What Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordon Belfort Would Have Really Spent

    The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie dedicated to the act of Squandering. A man born in the middle class, the real-life Jordon Belfort had an insatiable thirst for money and wealth and used his manipulative intelligence to squander hundreds of millions dollar from investors using his sham company selling penny stocks.

    What Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordon Belfort Would Have Really Spent

    Leonardo DiCaprio takes on the role after countless meetings with the now ex-convict Belfort and using his autobiography as his bible. The result is a tale of opulence, excess, and limitless squandering. Here, we take a look at what the price tag of his spending would really amount to today.


    1. The first car Leo is featured in is a 1964 Jaguar E-Type, which he buys after he begins making $72,000 a month at his new gig. The car was worth a competitive price of $6,000 in 1964, which given a 4.12 inflation rate since is the same buying power as $45,252. Pricey, but nothing compared to its current $224,000 price tag now.

    2. The second car Leo is seen is the Ferrari Testa Rossa. While an auction of the same vintage of the car set a record for highest auction sold at $16,400,00, in 1964 it sold for around $9,000, which has the buying power of about $67,878 now.

    3. The Lamborghini Countach was another toy at Leo’s disposal. The Countach at the time was worth anywhere from $72,000- $85,000, which now can sell for hundreds of thousands depending on the vintage and model.

    4. After Jonah Hill, as Donnie, joined up with Leo, he got a nice ride of his own. Donnie is seen driving around a two-toned Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which probably cost him upwards of $65,000.


    Leo is his best on a 145-ft custom yacht. The amazing luxury yacht he is seen throwing money and lobsters on federal agents on is available in the real world to rent for $500,000 a month. You heard right, it costs half a million dollars to rent the yacht for a month. Built in 2002, the yacht can accommodate ten guests comfortably, has a master bedroom and a roof-top Jacuzzi.

    Drug Use

    Because the real-life Belfort developed an addiction to Quaaludes, a drug that became banned by the DEA and thus no longer produced in 1984, his drug habit cost him an unfathomable about of money. Leo is seen getting all kinds of high throughout the film. Before being banned, Quaaludes cost around $4 a pill. Belfort claimed to have taken around 4 a day. That’s $16 dollars a day, and $5,840 a year. Not too bad, considering people who smoke cigarettes probably spend as much. However, after the drugs became banned and as the pills available on the black market started to dwindle with passing time, the price went up. So much, in fact, that Belfort claims he spent $850 per pill towards the end of the 90s. If he was still consuming the pills at the same speed, he could have spent as much a $3,200 a day on drugs alone. Add in his self-professed love for cocaine, and Leo could have spent as much as $4,000 a day for his habit.

    Dinner Expenses

    In one of the most beloved scenes, Jordon’s father Mad Max chastises Jordon and his group for $30,000 worth of expenses in one month. Due to inflation, this would now be equivalent to $91,153. $26,000 of this was all spent on one meal, which Donnie blames on expensive sides, and the rest was spent on EJ Entertainment, which is an escort service.


    At the very least the group spends $4,000 on escort services a month, which is the equivalent to $12,100 given inflation rates, and certainly more for special occasions, But it’s hard to calculate just how much the group actually spent on their escort needs, because Jordon claimed he wrote the ones that took credit cards off on his taxes.

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