• Ken Griffin’s Ex: I Need $1 Million a Month for Expenses

    According to Anne Dias Griffin, the former wife and current ex to billionaire Ken Griffin, she needs $1,000,000 a month from him in child support to support their three children; the breakdown of how she arrived at that figure is absolutely hilarious.

    Ken Griffin’s Ex: I Need $1 Million a Month for Expenses

    Ken Griffin is hedge fudge manager to the routinely successful Citadel and as a result is the fifth highest paid manager, bringing home nearly $3.9 billion since 2009 alone. As a result, Griffin has amassed an empire of $5 billion, putting him as Illinois’ richest billionaire. But while Griffin may be a keen manager and one of the richest people in this country, he’s clearly not immune to personal drama.

    His wife Anne Dias Griffin, who he filed divorce from last year, has claimed that she will need $2,000 a month for stationary. Stationary. She didn’t even elaborate to say it’s the best damn writing paper this world has ever seen and the reason her business thrives because everyone looks forward to her notes. No, no explanation. Just the word stationary and a $2,000 monthly price tag attached to it. There’s really only two reasons behind Griffin having the audacity to cite $2,000 stationary on her expense report, among the other insane but still more reasonable things she listed and which we’ll get into in a little bit.

    One, she was $2,000 short of an even $1 million monthly budget and had to come up with something on the fly, saw a piece of paper, and put down stationary. Two, she’s really, really angry at Ken and if the judge awards her the million dollar monthly budget, she can forever hold it against him that he’s paying her $24,000 a year for paper.

    Her other listed expense include $300,000 for the private jet, $160,000 for vacation expenses, $7,200 for dining out and $6,800 on groceries. Listen lady, if you’re spending seven grand on dining out you can probably cut back on the groceries since how in the hell do you have time to eat them? And is she perpetually on a vacation to spend $160,000 a month or nearly $2 million a year? We bet even the globe-trotting Jay-Z and Beyonce would roll their eyes at that figure. The $300,000 for the private jet does sound within the realm of reality, though, but we can’t definitively comment since we have very little experience with private jets.

    Dias Griffin is allegedly worth $50,000,000 herself according to the court filings, That’s definitely a lot of money, but according to her expenses, she’d only be able to cover all of her costs for only a little over four years. Of course, Dias Griffin has faced much backlash for her claims, but her defense is that Illinois state law requires that she must calculate the standard of living the children would have enjoyed before the divorce.

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