Johnny Marr 2018 Net Worth

Since co-founding The Smiths in the early 1980s, Johnny Marr has been an alternative rock king in both his home country England and across the pond in the U.S.

Johnny Marr 2018 Net Worth

Fans from both countries are eagerly anticipating his autobiography (which is expected to be released Nov. 3, 2018) to hear about not only what it’s like being a genius in music, but also what it’s like to have been in the first most successful indie bands in the world.

The Smiths, Johnny Marr included, represent the love affair people have with individuals connecting with fans without big industry telling them to do so. Marr describes The Smiths phenomenon in the 1980s to The A.V. Club as:

Amazingly, we were able to be who we were and actually get into the charts and then start playing quite big shows. From after that first year, we got accepted quite quickly. But the radio in the UK played us very reluctantly, and had to play us because we were big, and not the other way ’round. It wasn’t the radio or TV that made us big; it was our shows and the reaction of people at our shows that meant that the “straighter” kind of industry couldn’t really ignore us.


While many fans have hoped the The Smiths would reunite once again, both Morrissey and Marr have said such a thing isn’t a possibility, partly because of a bitter lawsuit launched by former band members Mike Joyce for unpaid royalties- which they won.

Morrissey and Marr were ordered to fork over millions to their former bandmates for giving them unfair percentages of earnings.

Marr’s musical career outside of The Smiths is extensive and all over the place. His bigger projects include being in The The (1989), Electronic, Modest Mouse (2006-2009) and The Cribs. Most recently, he’s embarked on a solo career, releasing his second solo album in 2014 to positive reviews.

Still, despite his impressive endeavors, his tendency to jump from project to project has led to a significantly lower net worth than the person he is frequently compared to- Morrissey. While Morrissey is estimated to be worth tens of millions, Johnny Marr’s net worth is estimated to be $3,000,000 in 2018.

Given the fact, however, that his autobiography is so anticipated, he’ll likely make a significant amount of money from sales soon enough.