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    Google is among the top tech-giants and became a multi-national, publicly-traded organization over the years. The scope of the company is not limited to the search engine. But it also provides the services of cloud computing, web apps, browsers, operating system and is also one of the biggest advertising agency in the world.

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    Google is not a new name in the tech arena, as it was launched back in 1995 by two university graduates Larry Page, Sergey Brin. Both were collaborating on a project, which later turned out to become Google. Initially, the company was dedicated to analyze the backlinks and was known as BackRub. Back then, Google doesn’t perform well and was not able to garner critical acclamation. The years were too early for internet searching, but later on, in 1998, they started full-fledged operations in a rented-garage. And in the same year, the company managed to rank in the top 100 websites and the best search engine.

    Initially, the company was competing with Excite, Lycos, Yahoo, and AltaVista. However, but over time, Google emerged as the most popular search engine in the world. And the name Google which was derived from the word googol became synonym with the web-based search. As a lot of people now usually use the word Googled. This article will take an in-depth look into Google Net Worth.

    Crazy Facts about Google

    In the late 1990s, Google wasn’t the most valuable brand; it was just a small “G” at that time. But now the small “G” has turned out to be big $279.3 billion “G.”

    • Google has made its employees as equity holders.
    • The company dedicated the largest indirect expense of $3.8 billion in Research & Development.
    • The products & services of Google are available in more than 100 languages.
    • The Revenue of Google has increased twenty-five fold since 2005.
    • Advertising is the primary source of revenue, which contributes 97%.

    Google Founders Net Worth

    Larry Page & Sergey Brin are among the world’s wealthiest tech billionaires of our time. Whereas Larry Page net worth is $48.8 billion and Sergey Brin net worth is $47.5 billion. Both of them are shareholders in ‘Google’s parent company “Alphabet” and both hold the concentrated power by having supervotes. Along with the founders, Google net worth has also increased and has reached to be in billions.

    While the current CEO of Google Sundar Pichai was allocated restricted stock units back in 2014, as the salary of the CEO is only $650,000. But the Net Worth of the man sitting behind Google is likely to be much higher than expected. In his entire career as CEO of the big tech-giant, he has contributed a lot by increasing Google net worth.

    Google AdSense Facts That Nobody Told You 

    • Initially, Google AdSense was known as Content Targeting Advertising & was launched back in 2003.
    • Absence Crawler works with a different algorithm than that of Google Search Engine.
    • Google receives 32% of the revenue generated by advertisements, while the publisher gets 68%.
    • AdSense contributes almost 97% in ‘Google’s total revenue.
    • AdSense is also the primary contributor to increase Google Net Worth.

    Google Evolution Over The Years

    As mentioned previously, Google started back in 1995, and its first office was in a garage. But over the years the company has outgrown itself. The process to evolve ‘wasn’t straightforward as there were many ups and downs. But now it is almost impossible to compete with the company in the area of its expertise. Google has beaten the hell out of the competitors’ such as Yahoo and Bing. No doubt still Yahoo and Bing are used by netizens, but Google has placed itself on the top of being the best search engine. Back then, the Google algorithm couldn’t process such a large number of queries for the users. Initially, the search engine was only able to process 40 to 50 results per second, but now Google can fetch millions of results for the internet users within seconds.

    Now Google is providing a lot of platforms and services that ‘weren’t imagined back then. From web browsers to digital assets, cloud computing, and a lot more. Google has acquired the internet search market for more than 80%; it is amongst the most valuable brands in the globe.

    Google Revenue – How it makes Money?

    Google is generating money by adopting multiple ways; it is not only limited to sell its shares in the stock market. But along with that, it is utilizing several other ways to connect with merchants & advertisers. ‘Google’s primary source of generating revenue is based upon ads or commonly known as AdSense. The advertisement process is executed flexibly. Advertisers submit their list of keywords related to their service, product, brand, or business. And when a search takes place by the users, Google displays the ad in the search engine result page or on a related website that is monetized under Google AdSense. Google receives the payment from the advertiser as the user clicks on the ad and visits ‘advertiser’s site. Google has become the real medium between the advertiser and the user. The advertisements which are displayed by Google on websites and search engine result page is the primary source in raising Google Net Worth.

    Google Net Worth

    Since the inception of this high-tech company, it has outgrown in multiple arenas but has confined itself majorly by providing internet-based products and services. It is ‘world’s most valuable brand; currently, Google Net Worth in 2021 is $632 Billion.

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